Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

Halloween is Coming!

I’m looking forward to this Halloween as my little one will be old enough to go actually enjoy some of the festivities! Here are some fun toddler crafts to help get you and your little one in the Halloween spirit!


Supplies: paper, pencil, pumpkin and carving knife. 

Baby’s First Halloween? Remember it by making a baby print jack-o-latern! Trace their hand and foot prints on to a sheet of paper, cut it and and tape it to a pumpkin and carve!

For toddlers, use Halloween cookie cutters instead of a carving knife so your little one can get in on the fun. Simply press the cookie cutter shapes into the pumpkin and gently tap with a small hammer until the shapes are “carved” into the pumpkin!


Supplies: black construction paper, white chalk, and Q-tips.

Trace your kiddos hands and forearms on to a piece of black construction paper with white chalk. Have the kids paste in “bones” with Q-tips and color in the rest of their arms and hands for a neat “X-ray” picture. 

Apple Stamping

Supplies: apples, orange paint, black marker, and plain or colored construction paper.

Cut apples in half, paint the flat side with orange paint and stamp on the paper! Once it dries use your markers to draw on scary pumpkin faces!

Paper Plate Witches

Supplies: black construction paper, paper plates, green and black paint.

Paint your paper plate green and then draw on a spooky witch face with your black paint. Trace and cut out a witch hat on to the black construction paper and paste it onto the witch’s head. You can use different fallen leaves or dead weeds for the witch’s hair!

Swap out your green paint for orange paint and you can make matching paper plate Pumpkins!

Frankenstein Feet

Supplies: white construction paper, green paint, black marker.

Pour green paint into a flat wide tray and dip in your toddler’s feet, have them stamp their feet onto the construction paper, works best if you do one foot at a time. Once the print dries help the draw on Frankenstein face !

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