A list of Educational Netflix Shows for Toddlers

A list of Educational Netflix Shows for Toddlers

I absolutely let my toddlers watch t.v. I’ve had conversations with different parents about their kids watching television. Some parents use it as their soother for their kids, others believe that not having a t.v. at all is the best route. I’m not here to debate. In our house, we don’t mind a little entertainment by way of the screen every once in a while. My husband and I are always on the hunt to find educational shows for our kids, both toddlers, to watch when we do have them tune in.

In our household it’s imperative that we find shows that will allow our kids to be entertained, while they learn something constructive. There are plenty of channels out there that offer children’s programming for every age, but they don’t all stimulate the mind. Netflix, however, has shows that does this quite well. Matter of fact, Netflix is our household’s  favorite source for kids’ shows. Netflix is like comfort food that will never disappoint.

The unfortunate thing is Netflix has become so synonymous with the word chill, that its resourcefulness for kids goes unnoticed. In fact, Netflix has hours upon hours of parent approved toddler friendly shows. 

1. Super why 

Netflix did great by having this in their library. My kids live for Super Why. They absolutely adore Wyatt and his friends. Super why has a great concept. The premise of Super Why is that the characters have an everyday problem, but it can only be solved by looking in a book. Your children will learn letter sounds, sight words, rhyming, phonics, and their alphabet all in one episode.

2. Mother Goose Club 

To tell you the truth, Mother Goose club does not have the best production. As you start to watch this show you will realize that it was definitely produced on a very meager budget, however, the actors still deliver a kid friendly performance. If there is a nursery rhyme that you can think of it’s performed by all walks of life. For a whole hour, you will watch adults and children dress up in costumes to give a visual of the intended nursery rhyme. When I put Mother Goose Club on, my youngest son’s eyes are glued to the television. There used to be two seasons of Mother Goose Club available on Netflix, however, now you can only catch the first season.

3. Sid the Science Kid 

You will undeniably fall in love with the catchy “I Love My Mom” song.  Eventually you will be hooked on watching the kids jot down their observations in their notebooks. Sid is sure to encourage your little scientist to start looking closer at the world around them. I’ve had to go buy an observation jar for my house. The good news is Netflix has all of season one available for your children’s pleasure.

4. Word Party a Netflix Original Series 

Over all Word Party is a winner with my toddlers. I’m going to admit, that at first this show seemed a little weird with its delivery; there are always animals running around in diapers. The educational element is having the characters go through their day and sing songs that go with their day. It touches on things like time of day, play time, quiet time, and nap time, opposites etc. 

5. Learning songs by Little Baby Bum

We love this music filled show on Netflix! This show uses music as a means to teach different concepts  such as shapes and colors. This  show is animated and visually fun to watch. Lastly, there is only one season of Little Baby Bum Bum available on Netflix. No worries,  you will be sure to have these limited shows on repeat.

I’m sure there are some other great educational shows for kids on Netflix that I overlooked. What are some shows that you allow your toddlers to watch on Netflix?

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  1. Angela V. September 22, 2017 at 9:42 am #

    Thanks for sharing. Our toddler has only been hooked on Moana. I am glad Netflix has educational shows.