5 Reasons Two Kids Are Harder Than One

We recently went from a one child family to a two child family. I knew that it would be different adding an additional member to our family especially with still having a toddler.  Here’s a list of 5 reasons two kids are harder than one:

1. No Sleeping When the Baby Sleeps

I think that we’ve all heard the advice that we should sleep when the baby sleeps. If you have a newborn and an older child, you know that’s rare. My newborn sleeps every hour and half to two hours for 30 minutes. My toddler (if I’m lucky) will take one nap in the afternoon for a few hours. I can’t exactly tell my toddler “Sorry the baby is sleeping, so I’m going to nap. Take care of yourself.”

2. Dual Needs at the Same Time

It seems that every time I’m feeding my newborn, my toddler absolutely needs something from me at that exact moment. While I’m grateful that my newborn is a rock star at nursing, which is a far cry from my first experience breastfeeding,  it is still difficult to try to accommodate the toddler while I’m nursing with the newborn. As many of us know, telling a toddler to wait doesn’t work out well. 

3. Keeping Two Schedules

My toddler has a regimented schedule. Since he was a newborn, he has thrived being on a schedule. Now with two, each need a schedule. The first time around, I followed my son’s lead when it came to setting a schedule. Now with my newborn daughter, she’s got to be more flexible to allow for her brother’s needs too.

4. Dirtier House

With only one child, I was able to rely on knowing that when the baby was napping, I could get some housework done. Now that’s non-existent. Unless I have another adult helping me, the housework gets put by the wayside. When my newborn is sleeping, I try really hard to spend one-on-one time with my toddler and let the housework wait.

5. Less “Me” or “Us” time

Those first six weeks after having the baby are rough. Caring for two children while still trying to recover from labor and having to deal with your own post partum care, doesn’t leave much down time.  On top of your own relaxation time, trying to make time for you and your partner can become less of a priority. Being in survival mode those first few months makes finding time that much more difficult. 

Having two kids is harder than one, it’s also means more joy and happiness. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I now have the blessing of seeing my son love on his baby sister and seeing her face light up when he talks to her. He beams with pride telling everyone, “That’s my baby sister!”. It definitely makes up for the lack of sleep and downtime. While two kids are harder than one, it’s definitely double the fun. 

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