Confessions of a Pinterest Mom Enjoying Motherhood

What usually comes to mind when you hear the phrase Pinterest Mom? The mom that makes homemade gifts? The mother who always volunteer to make things for her child’s classroom? A mom who cooks chef inspired meals that are organically grown or gluten-free? Maybe the mom with the organized house with DIY crafts on display? This is not always the case and doesn’t have to be.

Unfortunately, mothers have always been assigned labels such as messy, crunchy (natural living), posh, helicopter or organized. Some mothers may be proud of these names and others may find them offensive. The latest label that has become a popular topic is the Pinterest Mom.  Do all Pinterest moms have all it together. No way! Should you be stressed out if you’re not that type of mother? Absolutely not!

Yes, I am guilty of being that mom. I love searching for new crafts for my toddler or recipes to try at home. Creating costumes for Halloween as well as projects for Shark Week was a blast. There’s so much excitement if something turns out well.  As a proud mother, I will share it on my social media accounts.  Also, I get a rush if I can make something for half the price.  There are things some Pinterest moms will do that I have no intentions of attempting. I will never bake a cake or build any of those IKEA hacks. I can create the coolest project, but I can’t style my hair or do my makeup. That’s right. I’m over thirty and I have no idea how to apply makeup. We all have our strengths. 

homemade Halloween costumesshark week projects

I enjoy doing themed crafts and activities with my son. I love seeing his excitement when I make something cool for him. I’m sure most Pinterest moms don’t tackle projects for show or to make other mothers feel inadequate. We do it because of the pleasure it brings.  Will every Pinterest craft or recipe turn out perfect? Nope! I have received so many burns from using my glue gun. I’ve made dinners and desserts that were a complete fail.  I have created cool projects that my toddler destroyed minutes later.  It’s okay if you don’t have the time or passion to do any of those things. I’m sure if you asked a friend who does, she wouldn’t mind helping out. If not, no shame in ordering it on Etsy or picking up a meal at a restaurant.  

toddler sensory bins from PinterestSesame Street party decor ideas from Pinterest

I know at some point we all suffer from mom guilt. We strive to do our best but sometimes it feels like we are failing. It’s not a competition to be the best mom in the world, although sometimes it may feel like it. Social media can add unnecessary stress but don’t let it. Your job is to be the best parent to YOUR child. We all have our thing that we are really good at and should be proud. You have to do what works for you and your family. Don’t judge but feel inspired. As moms, we should be encouraging each other and remain positive. Let’s celebrate what makes us different because the world would be boring otherwise.

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