Mosquito Authority-No more Mosquitoes Guaranteed

Oh the joys of living in Florida! The state where you can lounge on your patio year round and enjoy the night breeze. All this serenity will come to an end when you hear a buzz in your ear, and realize that you are now being attacked by mosquitoes.

Get a Mosquito Professional

This summer I endlessly complained about our mosquito problem. My husband heard my swats and got in contact with Mosquito Authority. At first,  I will admit that  I was a bit skeptical about the idea of hiring mosquito killers. I figured we could just get some OFF spray and call it a day. Once Mosquito Authority serviced my backyard I instantly understood the importance of mosquito treatments . My service guy, Vince, was very informative and took care of all my questions and concerns. The beat part is that he is quick yet thorough.

After my first treatment, we saw the difference immediately. There were no buzz, no bites, no bother from any annoying mosquitoes.  After a few days I called Mosquito Authority and told them that I saw one mosquito. Yes, one! Immediately they scheduled my follow up treatment with out any questions.

Here are some things you should know about Mosquito Authority 

  • They  only use plant based products that are safe for pets once dried.
  • Mosquito Authority  Guarantees no mosquitoes with their four step treatment plan
  • Mosquito Authority  treats standing water areas with granules derived from a plant products
  • They are a company that  pride themselves on fast friendly customer service
  • Weekend service is always available
  • Mosquito Authority is a leading company that  is ranked #1 in mosquito control services (2017)
  • Their product can treat ANT mosquito Larvae
  • They’ve been around for over 25 years.
  • Their products are pet and human friendly

Thanks to Mosquito Authority I’m relaxing in peace with “No Mosquitoes”  on my patio at 10:30pm writing this review. Lastly, if you are also experiencing persistent nagging from pesky mosquitoes leave it to the professionals, and call Mosquito Authority today, tell them Marsha sent you.


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