Sharing Pictures of Your Kids on Social Media? Think Twice…

social media kidsIn the middle of a normal Florida summer, I see more and more swimsuit/ pool pictures posted on social media. Especially of little kids, cute no? Well not really when the kids are in birthday suits instead of bathing suits. Or how about your friend with the newborn baby that just posted the 1000th picture of her 3 month old. I’m all for cute little newborn pictures, but the multiple daily pictures are a bit much!

Privacy Settings

“Thanks, but no thanks – my privacy settings are protecting my kids.” Are they though? Just this summer alone we have seen two major world-wide computer viruses take down global banks and companies alike. Whats to say that your social media settings cannot be bypassed ?

Although privacy settings and limited ‘friends/followers’ on social media can help limit the spread of your child’s picture, why take that unnecessary risk with such a private picture. Instead try creating small groups on your messenger app. The benefit is you know exactly who is viewing your child’s picture with less risk of it falling into the wrong hands. 

The Over-Sharer

If you find yourself posting multiple pictures of your child on social media multiple times a day, please put the phone down and walk away. We are truly happy for you, but we really don’t need to see that many pics of your little one.

Again, a group instant messenger is a great way to share all those precious moments with family near and far away. Another great option is video chatting with friends and family. Even now my daughter spends most of her weekend on video chat with Grandma & Grandpa!

So click away my friends, but please think about the picture and medium you are sharing you precious little ones picture on before you hit post.

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