Don’t Let People Kiss Your Baby–A Mom’s Warning


don't kiss baby

I woke up with a heaviness in my spirit concerning Moms, especially new Moms, who have their really young babies out and around people/crowds before their immune systems are mature. (There’s a heartbreaking story in the news now about a young baby. It hits too close to home for me.) Nevertheless – y’all Moms of new babies:

  • PLEASE stay in your house with your babies as much as possible, ideally until they are over 8 weeks old and have had all of their shots. Your house is your safe zone, where the baby’s immune system can develop. So you need to stay in, and you should also
  • Limit visitors, as well! Make sure that folks wash their hands or use sanitizer before touching the baby. And they certainly shouldn’t be kissing them, period!
  • Cover your baby with a blanket at all times – especially if you’re out. This includes covering the baby in the car seat, stroller and in the wearable carriers. Babies attract all kinds of people, and before you know it, some well-meaning stranger could be holding your baby’s hand. Stuff like that happens fast so it’s better to take precautions early.

Five years ago, when my oldest son was 3 weeks old (I still don’t know how it happened), someone touched him and gave him a germ. It turned into a staph infection that polluted his entire bloodstream and caused sepsis. He had THE.FIGHT.OF.HIS.LIFE- ventilators, surgery, a collapsed lung, rounds and rounds of high-powered antibiotics, the whole 9 yards- and it’s ONLY THE GRACE AND MERCY OF GOD that he is here and healthy today.

So, here’s my humble yet stern PSA (because I have birthed 6 children and can say this): If you’re an adult and you are around a new baby, please DO NOT:

  1. put your lips anywhere on baby’s face or hands, (just stop it!)
  2. touch baby’s hands or face
  3.  come near baby if you are sick or just got over an illness (germs are airborne)
  4. let your child/grandchild/little cousin/goddaughter play with baby’s hands or face
  5. let said child put baby’s fingers in their mouths!! (Stop it!!)

Etcetera, etcetera! New moms may not know how to set these kinds of boundaries because they are excited about the baby and they may not know how to assert themselves yet as it relates to their child. But let’s know better and do better. If you must touch the baby, touch the edge of his/her sock. Otherwise, just put some money in a card and wait to interact until the baby is much older.

I pray this post helps somebody and is taken in love. #sorrynotsorry

This post was written in love by C. Brewer, wife, mother of 6 and a gifted musician.  We encourage our readers to hear her heart through her word.

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