How to Love Your Social Life as a Mom


social life momSocial Life before Pregnancy

You See, pre-baby everything is very much based on freedom. Going out on short notice or grabbing that last-minute trip deal –  friends will know you as socially reliable – you’re one of the inner-circle. The couple that will be at “ every event”, whatever that may be, and you’re great for that.        

That is, at least, until you have a child…

My husband and I noticed things change when we told people we were expecting. Friends would post social media statuses about where they were and what they were doing.  We would be sitting at home doing that sulk you do when you’ve been excluded. This is stuff we would usually be invited to – the only difference being that we were now expecting a baby. Ouch!

Granted, I couldn’t drink, we were now like that irritating friend everyone’s had at some point that suddenly went teetotal or vegan. Guys – we’re still the same people – she just can’t get drunk any more, we’re still us!

Loving your new normal

One danger of  motherhood is the tendency to gauge what is “normal”. What we see among our peers or what we think we see in online forums is expected to follow. Unfortunately, this is too small and distorted a sample size. It can leave us either excusing our own laziness in the home or stressing out over silly parenting fads. We would be better off seeking out older women who have already raised happy, well-adjusted, kind children and who have the perspective to help us properly orient our priorities. A lot of empty-nesters in the world would be willing to share their tips on life. Find the ones who have a large number of children. Those are the moms who were probably forced to learn how to thoroughly organize their home. Loving your new normal without regrets is the healthy choice for you and your family.

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