15 Summer Hustles for Kids

Are you noticing that not only are your kids getting older, they’re getting bolder? They have no shame asking you for money. They’re no longer asking for coins, though. They’re asking you for the kind that folds—and in double digits!

All jokes aside, there’s a way to teach them character, responsibility, and lifelong money skills all at one time. Summertime is the perfect time to help them start a side hustle—with your supervision. Remember, you have to guide them, not leave them to themselves.

Kids between the ages of 10 to 16 can do these activities, but keep in mind that some of these are best for kids that are more mature. As their parent, you know what your kids are capable of.

1. Babysitting – At 12-years-old, I babysat several of my baby cousins for a few hours during the day and overnight. My mom was always around to monitor me and in case I needed an extra hand. Also, as a mom’s helper, they can assist a mother at their home with help around the house.

2. Dog Care – Pet care services are on the rise. If you have a pretty good rapport with your neighbors, your kid can offer to dog sit, offer pet grooming services, or become a dog walker.

3. Music Lessons – Does your kid know how to play the drums or piano? If they can play an instrument well enough to give another kid (or adult) lessons, go for it!

4. Photography – Personal photography businesses are booming these days. For the photography lovers, they can recruit volunteers first to build a portfolio. They can upload their work online and start booking appointments!

5. Wash Cars – Plenty of people hate to wash and clean out their cars. You can reserve this job for weekends and take your kid to the customer’s (relatives and friends) house or you can have them come to your home.

6. Design Websites – This is an excellent way to earn income for the tech-savvy kid with coding skills. Everyone wants a website these days. Your kid can take advantage and not only make good money but build a portfolio which will make them a highly sought after—and well-paid—talent in the future. You can also enroll them in a summer camp or year-round program that teaches coding skills. Google coding for kids in Tampa!

7. Help Adults Become Digital Savvy – You know those folks who can’t seem to set up an email account to save their life? What about the grandmother who wants to learn how to use Facebook or the uncle who just bought a new iPad? If your kid is patient and a computer whiz this is the perfect way to make an extra buck.

8. Hair Braider – I know a few tweens and teens whose braiding skills rival licensed stylists. If your kid is blessed with this skill, let them take on a few clients to make some extra cash. Besides, school is just around the corner!

9. Do Chores – If there are relatives or close friends who hate to dust, clean their windows, organize, or do their laundry, you can allow your kid to do these types of chores for them for a fee. Giving kids an allowance for completing chores is a good way to teach them good money management, but it should never replace teaching them the principle of contributing to the upkeep up of the home even if there is no monetary benefit. 

10. Tutor – Kids that are excellent in certain subjects such as math, reading, and even a second language can tutor others once or twice a week.

11. Sell Goodies – Set up a stand and sell baked goods, candy bars, lemonade, and frozen treats at events. Be advised that you may need to seek a vendor permit/licensing before setting up shop. You can also look into allowing them to work for another business owner who operates their own food truck or mobile cart for a couple of hours.

12. Party Entertainment – Set up a table at birthday parties as a face painter or a popcorn, snow cone, or cotton candy machine worker.

13. Sell Crafts –If your kid can sew clothing, make jewelry, knit hats and blankets, and more, you can help them set up an Etsy shop to start selling these items.

14. Lawn Care – For the kids that aren’t afraid to get outside and sweat. Mowing lawns, pulling weeds, and raking the neighbor’s leaves can be a great way to make some quick cash.

15. Sell Their Stuff – Kids can sell clothes, shoes, and toys they’ve outgrown during a family yard sale. They can also sell these items to consignment shops and places like Plato’s Closet and Once Upon a Child as long as they’re in great shape.

What are your thoughts? Got any money making ideas for kids? Share them in the comments below.





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