What to Wear at a Photo Shoot


Taking family photos helps you preserve your family at a moment in time and you’ll have those images to treasure for the rest of your lives. Sounds ideal, right? But what about the anxiety that leads up to your photo shoot? The number one question on your mind before taking your pictures is probably “What to Wear to a Photo Shoot”. We’ve got you covered. Our friends at Angela Clifton Photography have given us some quick tips on what you should consider when choosing your wardrobe. 

Comfort is Key

Above all else, make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing. If you’re not comfortable it will definitely come through in your pictures. Choose outfits that reflect your style and represent you. Photo shoot time is not the time to try out something new that could make you uneasy.

Neutrals are your friend

When it comes to colors, you should choose colors that compliment you, each other and the setting itself. For the beach consider blues and purples. For the park, consider browns and greens. How about sunset? Take advantage of playing off the oranges and pinks. Avoid busy patterns or large florals. You want the focus of the pictures to be the people and not be distracted by the clothes. 

Be Prepared

If you’re doing a family shoot, consider your children and their ages. What will make your two year old happy to take pictures? Does he need his favorite toy or maybe he’s only happy in his favorite blue shorts. Also, don’t forget about making the shoot memorable by bringing along sentimental items for props in your photos.

Things to Avoid

If only I had ironed that shirt beforehand. I should have just changed the kids when I got to the location, instead they got food all over their clothes. Why didn’t I realize this top was see-through? All things to consider before the photo shoot.

Body Type

Body type is probably not something you’ve considered for your photos, but you should. It’s important to find clothes that compliment your body whether you are pear shaped, hourglass or have more to love. Complimenting your body type with the right type of clothing is going to help you enjoy your photos so much more. Angela goes more in depth into specifics about what types of clothes for your body in her What to Wear Guide

Skin Tone

The biggest surprise for me when considering what to wear for a photo shoot was skin tone. Whether you have a cool, neutral or warm tone should help you decide what colors to wear. For cool skin tones, adorn yourself with subtle silver or white gold jewelry, while those with warmer toned skin should wear more gold. 

For a full in depth guide, including how to determine skin tone type and specifics on types of clothing for your body, take a look at the following link

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