Learning to be a “girl” mom

I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant and about to welcome our second child into the world. My two-year old son has no idea what’s in store for him as a big brother. But, I admit I’m also nervous for myself too. Being so close to welcoming our daughter,  I’m becoming much more aware of of learning to become a “girl” mom. 


My husband and I have always felt that one of the most important qualities to teach our children is self-worth. We want our children to understand their own value and not define it by what anyone else thinks. Our hope is that our children will be strong and empowered individuals. We don’t want them base their worth on comparing themselves to others. To not let outside factors influence their opinion of themselves. Sounds easier said then done, but that’s our goal. While we want both of our children to embody this trait, it’s something that I’ve become more aware of now with the birth of my daughter.

Standing up to Peer Pressure

Having spent my formative years without social media was a blessing. There was enough outside influence from magazines, television and my peers to cause insecurities without the added pressure of cyber bullying or social identity comparison. My husband and I have discussed at length that we want our daughter to have enough strength to be confident in who she is. To stand up for herself even with the ever increasing amount of pressure and influence that this next generation will face. I recently watched the controversial Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. It was a wake-up call to what teenagers are facing today. While I don’t consider myself that far removed from high school, I know that it has changed since my day.  This show reminded me how important it is for us as parents to provide our children with a solid foundation for dealing with difficult situations. 


It may seem redundant to self-worth, but I put confidence into its own category. I hope that my daughter is confident in herself and in her abilities. I hope that she learns that hard work and perseverance are keys to success. My husband and I will constantly remind her that she can achieve her goals if she puts in the effort. 

Teaching me to be a better woman

I think that the most surprising piece about learning to become a girl mom is the benefit to myself as a woman. I know that going forward to I need to avoid self-deprecation. To be aware that my child is soaking up my behavior.  My daughter is inspiring me to be the best version of myself so that she can grow up with a strong female role model. 

In this post, the author talks about 50 things she wants to teach her daughter. I agree with all of them and then so many more. As a woman, I feel a heavy responsibility to help my daughter grow up to be an amazing person in spite of all of the negativity that can influence us. 

Becoming a “Girl” Mom

I talk about becoming a “Girl” Mom because it is different. It’s not that I will love her any more or any less than my son. It’s just a realization that I feel the weight of the responsibility more because I’m the only parent that understands growing up as a girl. I was lucky to grow up with parents that provided constant validation and support.  I hope that as I welcome my new baby girl into the world that I can be as inspiring and supportive as my parents were to me.     

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