Need Extra Income? Here are 5 part-time jobs that can help

Let’s be honest, we were probably not all blessed with that career that pays THE ideal salary. So sometimes we have to pull our self up by the boot straps and find another job. Yes, I know this sounds crazy to some of you, but in our household we believe that we should struggle now and live glorious later. Which means living in our means and possibly getting a second job. Whether you are a full time career parent or a stay at home dad we can all use that extra income to help out with debt or to take that big family vacation.

1. In person Tutoring

I just got contacted by a potential client who needs tutoring.

Please don’t say well I’m not a teacher, I cant do this. Not true, I have a friend who literally goes to the library every week and tutors a 2nd grader English by reading with her. The pay is $50 an hour. How awesome is that to cuddle up to a picture book and read? Pretty awesome I’d say. The benefits of tutoring is that the going rate is typically $30 -$60 and hour and you can set your own price, time, and location. Maybe the younger kids aren’t for you, and you were a math genius in college and still is. Try tutoring older kids who are struggling in Pre-Algebra. A great  site that I use is You can also post your info at the local library.

2. Putting out signs

Have you ever seen the “crazy” guy on the side of the road dancing and twirling sign. Well he is not crazy and he is actually getting paid. No I’m not telling you to do this, there is another job connected to this which is putting up the developer’s signs in front of new sub divisions. Just think how sometimes you drive by new subdivisions on a Saturday and there are all these signs sticking out of the ground  plastered with  “Come In”, “New Homes”, “Models available” etc. Someone actually gets paid to do that. They typically pay 1.25-1.50/sign and you are given around 100 signs to display. You will mainly work 1-2 days a week. For this job you will definitely need a truck. A company that specializes in this is Onsight. So, the next time you see an ad that mentions “signage” in it, inquire more about it.

 3. Direct Sales

This may not be for every one but it’s worth trying it out to see. Such companies include Thirty-One, Origami Owl and  It Works. I dabbled in Direct Sales for a brief time and honestly I loved it. I made roughly two grand in supplemental income in two months and had fun doing it. If you are a people’s person, enjoy hosting parties, have time on your hands, and is  social media guru then this is for you. While I’m not in direct sales any more because of the time needed to do it, I highly recommend giving it a try.

4. Online teaching

My VIP kid teaching schedule for Saturday morning

Do you have a bachelors or higher? Do you enjoy working with kids? Well then this may be your calling. Teaching online is becoming more popular because of the flexibility and pay. Some companies that are hiring as we speak are VIP kid, Florida Virtual School, and ABC360. I currently work for VIP kid and I enjoy it very much. I like it because I’m teaching Chinese students one on one, there time is 12 hours ahead of the USA; therefore, their 6pm is my 6am and vice versa. I make $20/hour, and the lessons are prepared and laid out for me. Lastly, you do not have to be a certified teacher to apply.Check out for more info on VIP kid, or email [email protected] about ABC360

5.Call center representative

These jobs require multi tasking on your computer, but they are worth the time. Places such as Jet Blue and Amazon hire call center representatives regularly. They are flexible with your schedule, however, if you do not have time to be trained this job is not for you. Their training typically takes 2 weeks and it’s an all day affair. However, once training is over and you are sent your ear piece you are good to go.

Sound off below. What are some other part time jobs that can be added to the list?

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