5 Easy Tips for Making Time for You Daily: It’s Possible!

Making time for You

There’s nothing like running on E…. we’ve all be there. We push through and make it work, but it’s not fulfilling or sustainable. It’s draining and the feeling of being overwhelmed starts creeping in.  Many of us wait until the new year to make a resolution, kick bad habits or start a new routine. But why wait?  It’s time to start filling up your cup, so you can feel good about yourself. Being a mom is an endless job and it wasn’t until recently that I discovered taking 30 minutes out of my day for ME was essential. I finally stopped ignoring my inner voice and jumpstart my day with a little “me-time”.

My goals were about personal fitness and early morning was the only time I could squeeze it in. I’m too exhausted after a long day at work, dinner and time with the kids to do anything physical after 8 PM. So getting up early to workout was my only option and it’s been life changing. Yes, I’m saying that rolling out of bed sooner than you do today actually is a good thing. I didn’t believe it either. I would read other mom blogs, shake my head, shrug my shoulders and think “no way”. Then I finally tried it. I never thought getting up early and making time for me could actually give me more energy. But it actually works! Now I have the mental stamina to get through a long day.

As busy moms we don’t realize how valuable doing something for ourselves can really be. Did you know that 30 minutes a day is only 2% of your day? Whatever your “me time” is: meditation, running or Crossfit, reading or writing, crafting or cooking… whatever fuels your soul… make time for it.  I know you can spare that time for yourself. Imagine how much better you’ll be in other areas of your life. The time for me is worth it and I won’t look back at the days when I came last on my to-do list.  

Tips for making time for YOU

  • Start. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Monday or a Thursday. Just start. The feeling you get from accomplishment– from checking it off your ‘to do list’ is going to be motivating!
  • Plan your week. Look at what obstacles you have and what might prevent you from getting it done. Life is busy and you wear many hats. Mom, wife, taxi driver, room mom, after school carpool, grocery shopper, weekend super fan on the ball field… the list goes on. SO plan for what’s known and for the unexpected.  
  • Set a goal. Make it specific and realistic. Start small at first. Commit to one week or 30 days. Start small and go from there. A new habit requires 21 days and getting the ball rolling is the hardest part.
  • Change it up. Whatever your new routine is, be sure to change it up so you don’t get bored. Boredom leads to complacency and ultimately your “me time” is lost and you’re back to your normal routine with doesn’t include YOU. 
  • Cut yourself some slack. You are a super woman and mom! If you miss a day or absolutely can’t squeeze it in, don’t beat yourself up. Go back to your calendar and plan for the next day. But I am telling you, once you start making the time for YOU… it will fuel your mind, body and soul.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s doable. These tips are tried and true. It’s easy to give up on ourselves and put everyone else, so it really takes some self-discipline to get this down. But as moms we work too hard not to take time for ourselves.

When I drive in to work in the morning, it always crosses my mind that I’ve done something great this morning for myself. Just that positivity gives me the fuel I need to get through the day. I’m serious. Give it a try. You deserve it!

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