10 Things Boy Moms Should Know

When I was pregnant  the first time around I just knew that I wanted a girl. It would be easier I thought. Little did I know about all  the joy that I would experience with a boy. When my first born was 8 months, I found out I was pregnant again and  I prayed for another  boy because I realized how much I appreciated and enjoyed having a boy. I will tell you that as  a mother of two boys I’ve learned a few things and I’ve also been advised by friends and family about a lot of things. 

1.Boys are energizer bunnies

“Boys are a big ball of energy. They are definitely like the energizer bunny-they keep going and going and going. At the same time they are sweet and loving-especially to their mommy”. Jessica B., Kissimee FL, Mother of 2boys.

Jessica’s two boys. Noah (5) and Oliver (11 months)

There is nothing better than having my sons wanting to play catch, while running, and chasing the dog all at the same time.

2.Boys are nudists

My oldest would rather let it all hang out. It’s especially worst when we are expecting visitors and he is in full defiant mode and just wants to air it all out. I mean the last thing our company wants to see is our  little man’s bum bum squished up against the decorative pillow.

3.Silence isn’t always bliss when it comes to boys

“Silence can be terrifying. Boys are always so loud, so when they are quiet you know they are into something” Erika N., Clermont FL, Mother to a 10 year old boy.

This is the truth. I’ve experienced this first hand when I was making dinner and found my two year old imitating Picasso on the sofa and his baby brother.

4. G.Q. in 5 minutes.

My favorite thing about boys is the fact that they are super easy to get ready. Jeans-Check, T-shirt-Check , Shoes-Check, Toy train-Check, and we’re DONE. 

5.With boys, leaks will happen

boys and their moms

Roshonda and her 4 year old ball of energy John III

“Make sure your boy’s peanuts are in the down position when putting on their diaper. Otherwise when they pee, they will pee up. This will cause their entire side to be wet.” Roshonda A., Gibsonton FL, Mother of one boy.

Oh that dreaded moment when you are ready to go,  but surprise, you have a half soaked outfit that now needs to be removed because of one simple mistake. 

6.Potty Training boys is for the birds.

My 2 year old had a training  potty since he was a year old. I can count on one hand how many times he has freely went or even used it. He does this thing where he will poop in his diaper first and then say ” mommy, daddy, I pooped”. We’ve bribed him, we’ve sat with him, we’ve even placed him on our toilette. Unfortunately it’s a no go. Apparently difficulty with potty training is very common among boys.

7.Boys can be straight up 

Angel with her son Angelo (8 yearrs old)

“Don’t be alarmed when your two year-old wakes up and their “thing” isn’t limp, it’s totally normal” Angel F., Tampa FL, Mother to one boy

I wish someone had told me this. My first experience with this had my eyes bulging (no pun intended) and my brain searching for clarity. My husband quickly assured me that boys will be boys and it just happens.

8. Boys will eat you out of house and home

Let’s just say that for dinner tonight my sons devoured two hearty servings of baked ziti, garlic bread, and tomatoes. My boys eat bananas like they are in a food eating competition, and they eat ice-cream as if it’s hot cream-no evidence of a brain freeze. 

9.Turbo charged mama loving “PEE-minators” 

Jen S. with her little men!

“Boys pee every where, have limitless energy are constantly dirty, love love love anything related to cars trucks and more cars, want to jump, skip, climb or slide  all day any day. At the end of it all, boys are in love with their mamas.” Jennifer S., Tampa FL, Mother of 2 boys

My sons each choose a toy to take on our trips around town, they always choose anything with wheels. They will literally find any surface to push their cars on. From the grocery store cart to the tanks at the aquarium in their eyes anywhere is literally an open road. 

10.They love their moms.

My mother, who has one son and four girls gave me the best advice thus far. Her advice is to LISTEN to our little boys regardless of their age. To let them know you TRUST and LOVE them.

My two heart beats

If you didn’t know, well let me tell you that boys have a special bond with their mothers that no one can break. It’s an instant love that makes you laugh after they’ve accidentally broken your anniversary necklace by yanking  it off your neck for fun. It doesn’t matter the age either. My husband  still gets birthday cash every year from his dear mother, and ends EVERY phone call from her  with “I love you”. 

It’s the kind of love that is reciprocal, because moms love their sons just the same.  The best parts  of my days include me  picking  up my boys and they scream “Mommmmy!” When I’m preparing dinner and they pull on my legs and say MY MOMMY. Bed time routine is worth every chaotic moment because I get mommy time which never falls short of hugs and kisses. When their day has ended and they are all tucked in with 5 hot wheels, 3 pillows, 2 plastic dinosaurs and a partridge in a pear tree I give them big kisses and  say ” I love you” and they say “I love you more” it makes it all worth it. It makes me eager to press repeat and to do it all over again the next day with my boys.

Sound off below, what are some things that you think moms of boys should know?



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