How Working Moms Can Make a Short Vacation Work to Their Advantage

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It’s hard out here for a working mom. The demands of life can leave us feeling out of sync at times. An impromptu day off from work is just what mama needs! If you struggle with mommy-guilt or worry that you’ll squander those few precious days on sheer nothingness, I’ve got a few ideas to help make your time off worthwhile. 

Hit the Snooze Button…Several Times

You may think this is a time waster but it really isn’t. Do you realize how important sleep is to your health? A lack of proper rest can affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally. I remember the days of early motherhood where I was sleep deprived, let’s just say that I wasn’t a very likable woman. If you are one of those moms whose sleep is constantly interrupted or you rely on a steady dose of caffeine to get you through the day, this one’s for you!

Catch Up With a Friend

Let’s be real, adult relationships are hard to maintain. Remember when your world revolved around your friends? While this can’t be the case for adults with responsibilities, there’s no reason to totally abandon friendships—especially the ones that are worth cultivating. If you’ve been neglecting an important friendship because life has gotten in the way, schedule a lunch or coffee date to catch up. If you’re looking for a great place to meet up, try the Oxford Exchange…brunch is scrumptious!

It’s Hobby Time

We love our family, our careers, and anything else that requires our continued commitment, but if we are honest with ourselves, we can lose our individuality without realizing it. We need a healthy outlet to relieve stress. A hobby provides that for us. Do you remember what brought you so much joy as a child? That thing that builds your confidence? Get back to it (or get a hobby if you don’t already have one)! 

Do What You Have Been Putting Off

Sit back and think about what you’ve been putting off for a while now. Think about that thing that you have used a lack of time as an excuse not to do. Have you been meaning to enroll in school again? What about that book you said you were going to write? That business idea you’ve been meaning to pursue? Has it been awhile since you’ve seen the inside of a doctor or dentist office? Take some time to invest in yourself.

Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

I know, I know, vacation time is ideally “me time,” but to be honest, some of us don’t need anything because we already have everything. We live in a me-centered world where everything is all about our own needs and wants. Besides, serving others will take your mind off your own circumstances and gives you a sense of purpose. If you’ve been meaning to volunteer for a special cause or help a friend in need, your day off is the perfect time to do so.

Spend Time With Your Kids

Vacation time doesn’t always have to be kid-free. However, for those who can admit that your kid-facing time has been more about quantity than quality, it’s time to carve out some special time with your kids. This is a good time to do things you don’t normally get to do with your kids because you’ve just been too busy. I’m talking heading to the beach or movies at 10 in the morning!

Just Relax

We are a bunch of busy bees that think busyness equates to productivity when in reality, we are really engaged in a bunch of meaningless activities that leave us depleted. When I think of relaxing I think of sipping coffee and reading a book at a cafe or taking a bubble bath in the middle of the day. Your idea of relaxation could be getting a pedicure or binge watching Netflix. Whatever is necessary to help revive you, do it. If rest is what you need, then by all means—REST! 

You can do one of these things or a combination of them all, it’s up to you. Just don’t try to cram everything in a short vacation day for fear that you won’t get everything done. The key is to be intentional. If you want the day to be fruitful, make your day off count, no matter what you choose to do.

If you have more ideas, share them below. I am so ready for my next vacation day. How about you?

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