Busch Gardens Summer Camps – Why My Family Loves Them

Summer is coming, it’s time to start planning! Summer camps are an important part of a child’s education, that’s why we love Busch Gardens Summer Camps. While this post is sponsored, all opinions are 100% our own.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Summer Camps
Busch Gardens Summer Camps – Why My Family Loves Them

My neighbor came over early this week to ask me what summer camps I was sending the kids to this summer. We usually try to pick a few of the same ones so that we can carpool. However, when she asked me, I must have looked like a deer in headlights! Summer camps? Already? It’s MARCH! But school will be out before we know it and summer camps do fill up fast. Last year I waited a bit too long to sign my kids up for their favorite summer camp, Busch Gardens, and they had limited selection on what ones to pick from. In my defense, all of the Busch Gardens Summer Camps are amazing, and they still had a great time, but they wanted to be able to pick from the whole list.

I promised to be better this year, so thank goodness for my neighbor pointing out that it was already time to start planning for summer!

My kiddos go to a few summer camps each summer, but there is only one that they both insist on. Busch Gardens. Not only do the kids insist on it, it is the only camp that they go to that when I pick them up, they are smiling from ear to ear and talk over each other the whole way home to tell me about their days. Neither one puts in their earbuds and listens to tunes, or picks up their phones to play games. They are SO excited about what they learned and what rides they got to go on, it’s just well….awesome. It’s a proud mom moment! This summer will be their third year going, and they can’t wait to see what sessions are available. Especially since there a few new ones this year!

New Busch Gardens Day Camps

  • Jungle Jammers
  • Wild Wonders
  • Zoo-per Stars

New Busch Gardens Resident Camp

  • To the Rescue

Busch Gardens Summer Camps - Why My Family Loves Them on Tampa Bay Moms Blog

Why My Kids Love Busch Gardens Summer Camps

  • They get once-in-a-lifetime experiences through animal interactions.
  • With their camp counselors, they get behind-the-scenes experiences. More than they would ever get by having a fun-filled day at the park with mom and dad.
  • They get to ride the rides! And most of the time, they don’t have to wait in the “regular lines”.
  • It’s not like any other camp they have been too, it’s truly unique.

Busch Gardens Summer Camps - Why My Family Loves Them on Tampa Bay Moms Blog
Why I love Busch Gardens Summer Camps

  • Well, I love Busch Gardens, so I knew the camps would be amazing.
  • They are educational, my kids not only have fun, but they learn a lot too.
  • Pick up and drop off is VERY well organized.
  • The kids have fun.
  • Honestly, the #1 reason why I love Busch Gardens Summer Camps is because the kids do. It makes them happy, and that makes me happy.

Busch Gardens Summer Camps - Why My Family Loves Them on Tampa Bay Moms Blog

What types of camps are available at Busch Gardens?

  • There is the perfect summer experience for kids of all ages! Camp options are available for children entering Kindergarten to 12th grade!
  • You can sign the kids up for Resident Camps, which means kids get to actually live and work at Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay or SeaWorld® Orlando! Kids will spend a week working side-by-side with veterinarians, trainers and other animal care experts. Kids will help to feed, interact with and care for the animals that make your favorite park amazing. Can I go?!
  • Day camps are the perfect time to make new friends, try new things, come face-to-face with a giraffe and challenge North America’s tallest freestanding drop tower. Only at Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay! For more than 25 years they’ve provided children with inspiring, exciting, and educational camp experiences and we look forward to having your child join us this year. This is the one that I sign the kids up for every year, the day camp has different options, so be sure to check then all out here.
  • Kids are provided with daily lunches, snacks & drinks, a Camp T-shirt and a water bottle, a complimentary photo with a Busch Gardens animal ambassador and a complimentary admission to Busch Gardens following camp each day for campers.

Busch Gardens Summer Camps - Why My Family Loves Them on Tampa Bay Moms Blog

Ready to get started?

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Has your child been to Busch Garden Summer Camps? Which one was their favorite?

Busch Gardens Summer Camps - Why My Family Loves Them on Tampa Bay Moms Blog
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