20 Activities Moms Can Do to Bond With Their Sons

Last month, I wrote about 20 Fun Mommy and Daughter Date Ideas, and I must say that bonding time has been taken up a notch in my home. For my daughter’s 10th birthday, one of the activities we enjoyed, along with her younger sister, was a mani-pedi session. She was overjoyed at all the pampering!

The mommy and daughter date night list was well-received and some of our fabulous readers asked for a list of fun things to do with their sons. Great thinking ladies! Our young men need their one on one time with us too.

Fortunately, I get to spend about 30 minutes of uninterrupted time with my middle schooler each morning before school. I take this time to talk to him about things that matter to him, to give him advice, and to just be silly and crack jokes. I’ve also noticed that we don’t always have to talk, sometimes we just sit quietly and read. 

This is why I’m compiling a list of fun ways to help us stay connected with our sons. I’ve come up with 20 fun activities to get you started. Feel free to share some of your ideas in the comments below! 


1. Video Games

Spend an afternoon at home playing video games or take your son out to Game Time to enjoy a range of games including air hockey, ride simulators, shooting games, and more.

2. Watch Football

It doesn’t have to be the pros. College, high school, or a local little league will do.

3. Skate Park

If your son is a skateboard fanatic you can watch him at a local park or take him to watch others at the Skatepark of Tampa.

4. Exercise Together

Boys always seem to have so much energy to burn. Get moving with him. Do some sprints or shoot some hoops. 

5. Paintball

Head over to Blitzkrieg Paintball or South Tampa Paintball for some outdoor fun. These places are great for parties and team building activities.  

6. Miniature Golf

There are various places around town to enjoy miniature golf. Some pretty popular spots include Topgolf, Grand Prix Tampa, and Ace Golf. You can also try out Congo River Golf in Clearwater.

7. Laser tag

Your son will probably never turn down a game of laser tag. One of Tampa’s most popular spots is Q-Zar. At places like Xtreme Fun Center, you can also enjoy the batting cage and arcade games.

8. Movie Matinee

Rent a movie from Redbox or go see one of the latest movies your son has been talking about. Buy lots of popcorn, candy, and slushies too!

9. Science Experiments

Boys seem to like anything that explodes, fizzes, and erupts. You can find some amazing experiments via Youtube and Pinterest.

10. Theme Park

For the thrill-seekers, you can’t beat a day at the theme park riding the best roller coasters and water slides. Head over to Busch Gardens or drive to the theme park capital of the United States—Orlando.

11. Ride a Bike

Hop on your bikes or rent a bike through Coast Bike Share and go for stroll around the neighborhood. I especially love sightseeing in Downtown Tampa and Hyde Park. 

12. Go Shopping

No underwear shopping ladies. If your son has been on his best behavior at home and at school, why not reward him with a toy, gadget, video game, athletic gear, or whatever else he’s been bugging you about.

13. Magic Trick Show

My son loves the mystery of magic tricks. He likes to watch them on Youtube. A live show is always nice, but it takes a little more planning since there aren’t always live shows in the area. Your son may be content with you watching him try out the new tricks he has learned. 

14. Build Something

If your son loves working with his hands, build something! It doesn’t matter if it’s a fort, a roller coaster, a popsicle stick bridge, paper airplanes, or a train track for his favorite action figures. Just get creative.

15. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can keep you busy for awhile. You can create your own at home or you can try out Watson Adventures for kid-friendly scavenger hunts.

16. Grab a Bite to Eat

Whether it’s a pizza spot like Eddie & Sam’s or Cappy’s Pizzeria or a burger joint like Goody Goody, your son will appreciate you taking him out to eat his favorite foods.  

17. Go-Karts

Hit the lanes at Grand Prix Tampa. This place is a one-stop shop for fun activities including a bungy dome, a ropes course, and more.

18. Skydiving

I can’t wait to try indoor skydiving at iFly Indoor Skydiving. iFly just opened in Tampa back in November of 2016. Kids as young as three can participate in the fun.

19. Backyard Camping

If you’re bold enough, grab a bunch of blankets, pitch a tent, roast some hotdogs and marshmallows, and sleep in your backyard. If you don’t want to sleep outside, hang out for a couple of hours for some stargazing.

20. Go Fishing

From Ballast Point to Pier 60, there are plenty of places to fish in Tampa, St. Pete, and Clearwater. Just take your pick.

Boys are inquisitive, competitive, and active balls of energy. They just want to have fun! I think most would love to see us moms loosen up and have some fun with them.

Which activity will you choose for your next mom and son outing?


2 Responses to 20 Activities Moms Can Do to Bond With Their Sons

  1. Laura March 5, 2017 at 11:44 pm #

    This is ridiculously sexist. Girls are also interested in science, the outdoors, and more. Our sons and daughters deserve more from us.

    • Lequita Westbrooks
      Lequita Westbrooks March 6, 2017 at 8:18 am #

      Hi Laura,

      Thanks for chiming in. Of course girls like those things. And, of course our kids deserve more from us. That is the point of this. It’s not about debating gender roles/sexism. It’s about spending quality time with our children doing what they’d like to do. How you choose to do so is your right.

      Your ideas are always welcome!

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