True Life: Mommy Wants to Be a Rapper

Yep. I wanna be a rapper. Well, not necessarily a rapper, but I would make a really good backup dancer or groupie. Mommy has sure “got back”. Mommy can definitely “get low”.  Mommy sure does know how to “shake her tail feather”. I mean, how do you think Mommy met Daddy?  AND…that’s a post for a different site. 

The truth is that  I don’t want to be a rapper or a backup dancer, but I do desire to be famous…for something. I think that would be nice.

Okay, it not even about being truly “famous,” but couldn’t I, at least once, get the kind of celebrity reaction from my children that Daddy gets when he walks in the door or into a room. Or can’t I get those admiring looks that strangers give to my husband when he takes all three kids to the grocery store, instead of the “wow, she has her hands full” looks that I get?

Being a Mom is not glamorous. It does not make me a lot of money and it does not get me a lot of fans–well, adult fans at least.

So yes, I wanna be a famous rapper. I like to rap. I rap about going to the potty and I rap to calm the crying baby. I rap about after-school activities and I even turned Baa Baa Black Sheep into a rap. 

What else do I want to be you ask? 

Mommy wants to be on the Olympic Women’s Soccer Team.

Mommy wants to be an Actor.

Mommy wants to be an Entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, Mommy is already thirty. Mommy will not make the US Women’s Soccer Team and she is not good at acting. Mommy also doesn’t have an entrepreneurial, award-winning, million-dollar idea to pursue.

BUT, what Mommy DOES have is love for her children–an abundance of it.

Mommy has guts– to continually tackle each day with new energy and zeal.

Mommy has faith–that life won’t always be so challenging and tiring.

Mommy has strength–to pull herself and her family through any hardships.

Mommy has HEART and Mommy loves YOU.

Because thats what Mommy does, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY.

So, maybe I wanna be a rapper OR maybe  I just rap because I love you

Either way, you know you’ve been waiting for this, so here you go:

I’m mommin so hard yeah that’s what I do 
Ever since had little baby you 
and you and you, yeah I have three and yeah life is crazy but that’s how I BE
It started with daddy I thought he was cool, then he came to live with me while I was still in school. 
We had a big wedding, yeah it was fun  – then in my belly you became the bun
Then two more buns, yeah I said that’s what I do 
and now I have love for you, you and you
The first days were crazy yeah they were nuts
We had to suck it up and have some guts
From diapers and pacis, to bottle and breast 
and always havin you glued to my chest
You’ve gotten bigger and stronger and now you eat food 
at the same time you’ve also developed an at-ti-tude
From school to dance, the gym and art 
it seems like we are never ever a part
And that’s OK, cause that’s what I DO
but I do need date nights with daddy too
Y’all keep growing and changing all the time
But I’m gonna stick with you because I’m in my prime  
I mom real hard yeah that’s what I do 
and I’m gonna keep doing it until I turn blue
Mommin so hard yeah that’s what I do 
and I bet it’s the same for you, you and you
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And if you live in Tampa you know we’re the bomb! 

Boom. Drop the Mic.

2 Responses to True Life: Mommy Wants to Be a Rapper

  1. Jessica February 23, 2017 at 1:28 pm #

    I want you to rap that tomorrow at drop off!! Love this momma!

    • nicolemerritt February 23, 2017 at 8:53 pm #

      Thanks Jessica! How about I teach it to you and we do it as a duet?! 🙂