10 Questions Pregnant Women are Tired of Being Asked

When you’re pregnant, you’ve got enough on your plate with well you know, GROWING A HUMAN! Then on top of it, people ask personal and very odd questions, even strangers. Here are the top 10 list of questions that pregnant women are tired of being asked.

  1. How are you feeling?
    This is a very sweet and well-intentioned question, but literally everyone asks it. For me, the answer is the same. I’m tired, I toss and turn at night trying to get comfortable but with little success. Luckily for Christmas my husband bought me this body pillow, which has helped a lot. On top of that, my hormones are out of control and unfortunately for me, that does not mean a pregnancy glow, instead my skin looks more like a teenager. Added to that, I’m trying to find clothes that fit without spending a fortune on maternity wear. But other than that, I’m great. What I find most tiring to hear is after I answer the question to then hear about how great someone else’s pregnancy was. 
  2. You look like you’re about ready to pop?
    How is any women supposed to respond to that? Even if you are 9 months pregnant you don’t want to hear that you look huge. There’s just no need for this one and is it even a question?
  3. Are you gaining enough weight?
    This question while it might seem like it’s on the opposite end of calling a pregnant woman huge, it’s still not appropriate. We see our OBGYN’s often and they are really the ones who should be commenting on our weight. Each woman has a different pregnancy and their bodies react differently. For me, I tend to gain all of my weight at the end. For the beginning part of my pregnancies, I’m on the low end of the growth chart. I’m fully aware of this fact considering when you’re pregnant you are constantly weighed at the doctor.
  4. Can I touch your belly?
    OK, I will give credit for at least asking. It’s better than people that just come into your personal space and touch your stomach. But still, unless you’re the father, steer clear of this question. If you’re close to the mother, then she may ask you if you’d like to feel the baby kick. If not, it’s still her body.
  5. Are you going to breastfeed?
    This is a very personal question. In my last post, I wrote about my own personal struggles with breastfeeding and how I had to exclusively pump. I’ve been guilty of asking women this in the past but tried to keep it to just my close family and friends. This is a decision that we already feel tremendous pressure about, so we should just leave this one alone.
  6. Are you hoping for a boy/girl?
    Since my first child was a boy everyone assumed that I was hoping for a girl the second time around. I really would have been happy with either. I also don’t believe in starting off a pregnancy with a disappointment over gender. As parents, I think most of us really just hope for a happy and healthy child. 
  7. It’s about time, haven’t you been trying for a while?
    This is a question to stay far away from. Some families have suffered from infertility and it may have taken them awhile, but why focus on that? Instead, just congratulate the mother and ask if you can do anything for her. Maybe offer to bring her a meal after the baby is born. 
  8. Didn’t you just have a baby?
    I had a coworker say this to me. I kindly responded that my son is two, so it’s been a little while. But really, even if I did just have one, why would you say that? Maybe, people want children that are close in age, maybe it’s unplanned, maybe it’s just not appropriate to say. 
  9. Are you going to have more kids?
    I’ve had people ask me this question right after my first born and now even pregnant with my second. I find this one a bit strange. I mean, maybe we are, maybe we aren’t. Maybe we are focused on one step at a time.
  10. You’re still pregnant?
    This one is comical for so many reasons. While it may seem to the outside world that a woman has been pregnant for a long time, it’s nothing compared to actually being the one pregnant. Yes, if there is still no baby, then yes she’s still pregnant. Or an even worse outcome is after having the baby, someone comments that you still look pregnant. Well yes, after having a baby a woman is still likely to look about five months pregnant so it’s best just to focus on telling her how cute the baby is. 

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