The #TBMBselfie love challenge ~ taking time to love on yourself

Ever take a #selfie of yourself and criticize it up and down?  Or maybe you just stand and gaze into the mirror nit-picking every single thing WRONG?? 

Maybe you’ve even gone so far as to mutter something like………….

  • Too short.
  • Too tall.
  • Too wrinkly.
  • Too frizzy.
  • Too fat.
  • Too wide.
  • Too hippy.
  • Too busy.
  • Too occupied.
  • Too EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

Gosh the list of things we could nit-pick about ourselves seems endless.  Ladies WHY are we so critical of ourselves?

It’s a combination of society and the madness of Pinterest that has us all a little cuckoo.  There’s that crazy rat-race comparison game that all moms play and get caught up in and has caused us to become over-analytical about ourselves.  So much so that we can’t even see or appreciate the true beauty that we all possess.  The true beauty that our kids see in us.  We’re so focused on what we are not that we forget what we are.


First we need to just stop.  

I will admit I used to have a lot of negative self talk.  I still do it on occasion when I catch a glimpse of that c-section scar.  A 3-peat to be exact.  Or when my shirt hugs in all the wrong ways.  Or those favorite jeans don’t fit quite right because hips.  Mommin’ hips.  Those babies will never be the way they used to, and I’m okay with that.  

It’s so easy to talk bad about ourselves.  To focus on our insecurities, our shortcomings as wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends.  We always look at the bad instead of focusing on the good.  

Until NOW!


The ‘Be Like Thumper’ Approach

This month I’m initiating a #selfielove challenge.  For the ENTIRE month I’m challenging women to talk positively about themselves each time they snap a selfie or look in the mirror.  For 28 days there will be NO negative talk. 

Positive self-talk isn’t easy, but it’s powerful.  How we talk to ourselves directly impacts our attitude and outlook on life each day.  You remember that scene in Bambi where Thumper tells the forest animals, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”  

When you step in front of that mirror I am challenging you to say  POSITIVE words of affirmation to yourself – there are always little eyes and ears watching.  

And don’t feed yourself the line that you can’t ‘think’ of anything positive to say.  Stare in that dang mirror until you can because you my dear DESERVE to hear it.

Things you could tell yourself include but are not limited to:

  • Strong
  • Confident
  • Trustworthy
  • Honorable
  • Patient
  • Kind
  • Loving
  • Miracle grower (if you’ve housed a baby you should be PROUD of those miracle scars)
  • Talented
  • Unique
  • Inspiring
  • Gentle
  • Intelligent
  • Well-spoken

At the end of February I want you to take a look at yourself in that mirror again.  If you spent the last 28 days talking positively to that face, your attitude should be different.  You should see YOU for the beautiful person that you are.


Remember that what we see as our shortcomings, our insecurities, our failures, or our struggles might be something that someone else is wishing for.  While I might not always enjoy my scar from hip bone to hip bone, I know there’s a mom out there wishing for that scar and so I am thankful and love on that scar a little more each day.

Want to join in? Take a selfie and tag it #TBMBselfie along with one positive affirmation!!!

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