14 Fun and Creative Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

The sweetest time of the year is also the perfect day to get creative. Valentine’s Day is the best time to celebrate love by creating simple but fun projects with your little sweethearts. I know from experience that it can get really messy and chaotic with younger children but crafting is so much fun. I have searched the internet, including Pinterest and found 14 cool crafts for this special time of the year. These projects are perfect to complete during the day or for an after-school activity. Most of the materials are affordable or can be found around your home. Your child can share their finished artwork with a classmate, play date friend or close family member. Have fun spending quality time with your child while creating adorable masterpieces.

  1. Valentine Heart Stamps are cute and simple crafts for the little ones. I love using toilet paper rolls to create fun projects with my toddler. You can use different color paints or stick with the traditional pink or red. 

    Toilet paper roll heart stamps

  2. Kids grow up fast so why not make an artwork to preserve those memories. This Valentine’s Day footprint card is a cute idea for infants and toddlers. You can change the type of card to fit your style.
  3. Heart-shaped suncatchers is a fun project that can be displayed in your home or office. Be sure to allow your child to pick out the colors to use for this craft. Get them excited about creating this fun artwork.
  4. This heart wreath craft is a great decorative item for Valentine’s Day. If your child is not comfortable using scissors, cut the heart shapes ahead of time. You can use solid colors or cool prints to make this wreath. 
  5. A creative sensory craft to do with the kids is shaving cream splattered hearts. I’ll be honest, this is a messy project but it will be fun for your little artist. 
  6.  These heart mosaics  are adorable and easy to make. If you do not want to use construction paper, find an old newspaper or a magazine to create your masterpiece. 
  7.  The heart strawberry craft is a great idea if your child loves strawberries. You can discuss the different shapes and colors while creating this cute project. If you are feeling fancy, add some glitter to make it pop. 

    Heart-shaped strawberry

  8. The scribble heart  is a simple craft for the little ones. The best thing about this project is your child can go crazy with the crayons or markers. 
  9. If your child loves to play dress up, Valentine’s Day crowns are perfect. You can make it simple or glamorous. Don’t be afraid to use prints, glitter or jewels. Have fun with this easy project. 
  10. I found a cool Valentine’s Day sensory bottle that’s easy to make. This project can be used long after Valentine’s Day. 
  11. The yarn wrapped heart is another fun project that don’t require a lot of materials. If you don’t have any yarn at home, turn this into a fun field trip to the craft store. Give your child the opportunity to select different color yarn to make their project unique.  
  12. Valentine pom pom painting is a cool way to paint without using a brush. If you have cotton balls at home, they are a great replacement for the pom poms. 
  13. The shake it up hearts will be a hit with the kids. This project is a fun way to get your child moving. Make sure to play some dance music while they create their artwork. If you do not have a jar, try using a shoe box or plastic container. 

    Shake it up hearts artwork

  14. The fizzing heart art is as cool as it sounds. This project will have your child amazed by the extraordinary results. A perfect way to combine science and art. 


Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day project? Have any other ideas for creative and easy crafts with kids? Please share in the comment section. 

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