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You Have Mail!

The Mox shoes came in a netted black bag with a easy to carry handle. Upon opening the package part of me was expecting the same material as the jelly shoes. Showing my age, but if anyone remembers them, they had thick plastic, and where very popular. After looking over the Mox shoes I was pleasantly impressed this wasn’t the case.


Comfort and Joy

 The size 7 shoe is true to fit and comfort. The flexibility of the material allowed them to come on and off easily. Women with a wider shoe size then others, would have no concern, they are flexible enough to stretch to the shape of your foot. Comfort and convenience are important when looking for a shoe which is why Mox shoes are a good fit. 

All Work All Play

If there is hesitation that Mox shoes is fitting for work have no fear. As a full time working Mom, coordinating my business apparel was no issue making it look as professional as wearing heels. A quick change at home to take my toddler to the playground, found me just as comfortable and fashionable with a pair of jeans. 

Mox shoes are a lightweight, versatile ballet flat you can wear anywhere for every occasion. Each Mox shoe is detailed with a basket weave pattern. Mox shoes are available in 7 amazing colors in the USA and made from 100% man made rubber. Each pair of shoes comes individually packaged in a 100% cotton, biodegradable, reusable string bag.

Tell Me I’m Pretty

Compliments during the work day included they look so comfortable, I love them, where can we get a pair. My choice of outfit was a black and blue skirt with a black top which was the perfect match for the platinum color shoe, it’s a color that compliments all styles. 

Inside Out

The initial presentation, the travel bag, the comfort and style are a smart purchase. Worn several times since they arrived and loving them more each time. A full time working mom would not have additional difficult decisions in their shoe choice. Mox makes it easy so you can focus on day to day activities with your little one while looking stylish. 

Mox is run by two amazing moms and these moms mean business!

We are excited to bring a business started and run by two stay-at-home moms to the readers of Tampa Moms Blog. Our family is number one and between the two of us, we have five girls who inspire us to find fashionable but practical shoes for tweens to moms and beyond.

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This is a sponsored post. We received complimentary product but our opinion is our own and an honest one.
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