To Pierce or Not to Pierce

Balancing between traditional values and the “American” way is a constant challenge for me. Raising a child with the same delicate balance of old and new is proving to be just as demanding. My husband and I are managing  pretty well, but we ran into our first big issue with piercing my daughter’s ears. 

The traditionalist in me was accepting, almost proud to pass on this tradition of piercing a baby’s ears. My grandmother had my ears pierced when I was six months old, so I have no qualms about having my daughter’s pediatrician pierce her ears at the tender age of nine months. 

Now or Later

She is fascinated by jewelry, especially earrings. How exciting, soon enough baby girl, will have her own earrings. However, the closer we got to d-day, I became more doubtful about my decision. Are we doing the right thing? isn’t she too young? do we really need to do this now? what if … and the more I thought about it, the more I was convinced it was a bad idea. 

The night before her piercing I laid in bed wondering if we should go through with it or not; just then my husband said “should we really have her ears pierced tomorrow?” A sense of relief washed over me, I wasn’t the only one having second thoughts.

But after discussing it, my husband I agree that it was better to do it now rather than later. We know at some point our daughter would pierce her ears. So why not now , we are carrying on a tradition that we both value and besides she likely won’t remember the sting. 

The next day we left the pediatricians office with our little girl smiling from (pierced) ear-to-ear. I knew we made the right choice. (of course that was after we got her to stop crying!). 


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