5 Tips to Letting Negativity GO

Do you ever wonder how some people do it? I mean, are they really that happy? You think to yourself, something is wrong here. Some part of their life is miserable and they’re just smiling, faking and selfie’ing their way through it. My response, who cares? As moms we are so busy taking care of the little people in our world, why do we even bother with anything remotely negative around us? We spend too much time caring about what others think of us, our kids, our clothes, our hair… you name it – forget it! It’s time to focus on the positive. 

5 Tips to adding more positivity to your life:

  1. Stop scrolling.  At least stop comparing yourselves to the lives you see on social media. There are some honest moms out there that take to posting when things have gone awry, but many people post the happiest moments of their lives. So of course everything is going to look all rosy and perfect. Don’t fret. Either ignore it or stop scrolling. You can always hide someone’s post if they are really getting to you.
  2. Start following positive groups, websites & people. I know you’re on social media. I am too. So seek out the ones that inspire you. Often times they’ll have quotes, video clips or articles that leave you feeling optimistic and ready to conquer your day!
  3. Post a quote on your mirror! You stand in front of your bathroom mirror for at least a few minutes every day (I hope – we all deserve a few moments to do the basic essentials). It’s a visible place to put a positive message or an uplifting picture. 
  4. If you can’t control it, let it go. Repeat: Let. It. Go. Way too much time is wasted on stuff we can’t control. Stop spinning your wheels and start spend ingyour energy on things you can control.
  5. Surround yourself with positive people. Cut ties with those that aren’t. I know it’s easier said than done, especially when it comes to family & close friends. It’s hard (or maybe not possible) to let those people go, but handle them in small doses. You choose who you spend time with and who you don’t. Spend your precious time wisely.

Have you ever stopped to listen to your kids? Like, really listened to what they say, how they say it, or how they talk to others? I listen to my 5 year old speak to his younger sister and if I close my eyes for just a moment… it’s like he’s channeling exactly what I’m thinking and what I would say. Unfortunately, I can’t say it’s all positive. I feel guilty. But I’m quick to stop myself and think of it as a reminder (ok, RED FLAG!) of how important it is to be a positive influence for my kids.

Those little people who may not seem to be paying attention, in fact, are paying very close attention. We are moving so fast that it’s easy to forget how much they are watching and learning from everything we do. It’s not what we say, but what they see us do every day that they pick up. Let GO of the negative and start surrounding yourself with positivity.

Around the Tampa Bay area… there are plenty of places to go to break away from the negativity. Check out some of these local places to feel inspired and optimistic:


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