Getting Back on the Weight Loss Bandwagon

Back on the Weight Loss Bandwagon

Happy New Year! Did you overindulge on the holiday festivities last month? Or have you fallen into some bad habits over time that have led to weight gain? For me, it’s a little bit of both. I admit I haven’t stepped on a scale in…well, it’s been a while. But with a very big birthday looming (*cough* 50 *cough*), it’s time for me to climb on the weight loss bandwagon.

My Weight Loss Journey

I’ve always tended to be a bit on the “fluffy” side, even as a child. College put me on the yo-yo dieting cycle, losing and gaining the same 20 pounds over several years. Soon after I got married, the yo-yo got stuck in the “up” position, and I packed 175 pounds on my 5-foot frame. A few years and a very difficult pregnancy later, my weight hadn’t changed.

I needed to get serious.

Before and after losing 40 pounds

My heaviest weight ever on the left, 40 pounds gone on the right.


I’ve joined Weight Watchers on and off through the years – so often, in fact, that I call myself a “repeat offender.” I like the program’s flexibility, though, and I know how to make it work for me. When I decided to take off the weight this time, I pulled out my old Weight Watchers books and a spiral notebook and started counting points. And the weight started coming off.


Weight Watchers book and spiral notebook

I bought a small spiral notebook and tracked my meals and activity using old Weight Watchers books.


Get Moving

My weight loss effort really took off when I added exercise to my routine. I hate most exercise videos because they’re too “dancey” for me. I can’t keep up with the steps and I end up falling all over myself until I just quit. But I found a video from the Leslie Sansone “Walk at Home” program I really liked. It’s basic and easy to learn, and I discovered that as my fitness level improved I could make it more challenging by jogging in place.

And then I started running. A few steps at first, and then a little more and a little more. It was the most amazing thing. I’d never run at all before, and here I was, actually running. It empowered me to sign up for my first 10k race last year.


Participating in a runDisney 10K

I finished my first-ever 10K in 2016!


Back in the Swing

You’d think that success would have inspired me to keep going, but alas, I fell off the weight loss bandwagon for a while and my weight has been creeping back up. I know what I need to do, and I’m laying down the marker here that I’m getting with the program this year. Here’s my plan:

1. Track what I eat following the Weight Watchers program.

2. Run/walk three times per week.

3. Drink 64 oz of water per day.

That’s my starting point. I’ll add more exercise as I get stronger. I know I’ll see a difference soon if I stick with it. And who knows…maybe I’ll be able to actually run my next 10k!





Who’s ready to hop aboard the weight loss bandwagon with me this year?


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2 Responses to Getting Back on the Weight Loss Bandwagon

  1. Lequita
    Lequita January 6, 2017 at 1:45 pm #

    I am! I understand falling off the weight loss bandwagon. It’s hard to get back on, but we can do it. I’m starting with 30 minutes of exercise per day, drinking more water, and eating less of the bad stuff. Here’s to making progress!

    • Kathy K
      Kathy K January 6, 2017 at 9:23 pm #

      That’s the spirit, Lequita! Let’s do this thing!