Giving Up the Giant Mommy Bag

giving-up-theSo much of motherhood is transitioning from one thing to another for our kids. We transition from bottles to feeding soft foods to self feeding to full on use of steak knives and ordering for themselves at restaurants. We go from bathing them and dressing them to nagging them to shower to yelling at them to get out of the shower.  One thing that seems to stay the same, our Giant Mommy Bags.

Here is a picture of some of the Giant Mommy Bags in my closet.  All of these got me the side eye from my chiropractor. 

I’m here to tell you though, that along with encouraging our children to grow, we can grow too. Here’s a picture of my current purse. 


Yep. I ditched the Giant Mommy Bag. This little bitty purse holds: my wallet, my phone, a few tampons, a dose of my emergency medicine, a tiny tin of mints, a lip balm, a ponytail holder, sunglasses, and keys. That’s it. Here’s 10 things to think about to prepare for the transition: 

  1. Is your child old enough to schlep their own stuff? If so, there’s no need for you to have those emergency snacks and crayons and socks etc in your purse. I remember how freeing it felt to transition from a diaper bag to a big purse. This is even better.
  2. Anywhere I need a pen, they have a pen.
  3. My phone took the place of the paperback and notebook I used to take everywhere with me. Kindle app and notepad.
  4. I have a tote bag for those occasions I need more than this. For example, my gym bag has my gym stuff in it. I have a tote for my daughter’s softball games that I can use for sunscreen, water, snacks (mine and occasionally for my husband too) and anything else I might want.
  5. Stock things in your office instead of carrying them around in your purse.  Aspirin, cold remedies, snacks etc. If you need a commuting bag you can make it separate from your actual purse.
  6. Car glove boxes are excellent places for tissues and pens.
  7. Do you really need to bring your checkbook places? When was the last time you used it?
  8. One pill. One bandaid. You get the idea. If the situation would warrant more than one then odds are you’re in a place with a first aid kit.
  9. See rule #1? That goes for spouses and partners as well.
  10. When was the last time you reapplied makeup while out running errands? I thought so.

Giving up my Giant Mommy Bag has been freeing to my spirit and healthy for my back. I definitely suggest giving it a try! 

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One Response to Giving Up the Giant Mommy Bag

  1. Marla December 13, 2016 at 4:21 pm #

    Great article! I hear happy backs sighing in relief!

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