6 TV Shows I’m Loving This Fall


text-here-2Ahh, nighttime. Once my husband and I are totally finished with the ultra-marathon, grueling takedown that is bedtime with kids – you know, splashing bath water everywhere, eating toothpaste, running around the house naked refusing to be a pajama-winner, taking multiple trips to the bathroom, asking for water, reading a story or two, wrestling the pajamas on, singing improvised rounds of “She’ll be Comin’ Round the Mountain,” tucking in, and then repeating steps 4 through 10 – we sit down on our couch and breathe a sigh of relief. We survived another full day with two kids!

Now it’s time to live out the remainder of our awake time YOLO-style, before the baby wakes up to eat again. Meaning we try to do everything we would have done all day (if we weren’t being held hostage by tiny dictators) in a tiny span of 2 to 3 hours until we crash. Sometimes, we rage clean if the day hasn’t gone well and the house is a disaster. Some days, we ignore the mess and hang out. Other days, we settle for watching mindless television.

There is a ridiculous amount of excellent television available to watch these days, and I feel like I can never catch up. Thanks to the AppleTV, I don’t have to watch my favorites when they air, and I can check out new ones. Here are some I’m loving this fall:

Luke Cage

 Netflix dropped this series in September, so I’ve already finished my binge-watch through its awesomeness. Part of the Marvel universe, it has action, fantastic acting, and powerful music. I really had to pace myself to not watch the whole thing in a weekend (the kids helped with that, too.)

This Is Us

(Tuesdays at 10pm). Taking the reins from its hit-show Parenthood, NBC has crushed it in the family drama category with this show. The Pearson family will make you ugly cry each week, because they’ll remind you of your own family, but it’s so cathartic you won’t care.


(Thursdays at 9pm). Growing up, I played softball and loved the movie, “A League of Their Own,” and feel like this FOX show is an extension of those things. As it realistically follows the first woman to play Major League Baseball, her stresses and successes feel like my own.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

(Fridays at 8pm). In its second season on the CW, I love the original musical numbers representing all types of music, and I especially love the fearlessness of the show’s writers to turn typical relationship issues into something else entirely.

Parks and Recreation

I’m also in the midst of re-watching an old favorite on Netflix – Parks and Recreation. The characters feel like old friends, it is hilarious, and always puts me in a great mood afterwards. The first season isn’t the best, but the remainder of the series is satisfying comedy gold.

Gilmore Girls

I’m beyond excited for the Gilmore Girls sequel to air on Netflix on Black Friday (11/25). Usually I spend my time that day shopping with my mom, but I’m definitely carving out a chunk of time to binge-watch. I re-watched all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls this summer while nursing my newborn, so I’m prepared and ready!

I love escaping into a fantastic new show or an old favorite.

What shows are you loving this fall?

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