10 movies to watch with your kids that won’t annoy the crap out of you


movies-annoy-01It’s Friday night. Everyone smells. Including you. You exercised this morning and that is something to be proud of. The showering part well you didn’t quite get around to that yet. And that healthy deodorant doesn’t work as well as the one with the bad stuff in it.

It has been a tiring week. People in your house like to wake up in the middle of the night and walk around and talk about their nightmares or stand in their crib and cry until you feed them which you have sworn now for weeks you were not going to do anymore.

You just want to melt into the couch with your little ducklings and watch a movie. But one that you can really seek your teeth into which means one that doesn’t tempt you to check your phone every 10 seconds. And preferably not an animated one. These are great of course, it’s just that your desire to see real people on your screen is fueled by the fact that most of the time Disney Jr. is on and you haven’t seen any real people other than those living in your house, the school pick up line, or the Starbucks drive thru in 48 hours.

In my house, when we want to watch a movie, we scroll and scroll through hundreds of titles and discuss and argue and inevitably someone calls out,”just put something on”.

I remind them that as annoying as this process is, in the olden days we had to get in our car, drive to a brightly lit store, walk instead of scroll by the plethora of titles (many of which were already rented), and then wait in line to get the movie.

After finally deciding on a movie, in the first 2 minutes you feel gravely disappointed. You realize that Baby Geniuses 2 is really not that interesting after all  – did you actually see the first one? Then your daughter asks where the baby Jesuses are because she thinks you are watching Baby Jesuses 2.

You may do a google search at this point for the best family movies. The results don’t sound all that appealing. And yet there are so many, it is overwhelming. Maybe you should just give up and watch a reality show about warring pastry chefs in New Jersey. You know you should really watch Anne of Green Gables but you don’t want to. (I’ve never seen it, don’t judge me).

The list that follows is my personal opinion. I am not a film critic. But I do love movies and we all enjoyed the ones listed below (with perhaps one or two exceptions). And we all includes me, my husband, my ten-year-old son, and seven-year-old daughter. My baby girl, poor lamb, doesn’t get a vote quite yet as she is usually asleep.

In the hopes of saving your sanity and money, here are some options for you and your loving brood.

1). Evan Almighty (PG). Modern day telling of Noah’s ark. Funny because of Steve Carrell. There are lots of animals which is good because most of us like animals, some of you maybe even more than people. And contains some really sweet moments. Surprise surprise, it made me cry.

2). Parental Guidance (PG).  A comedy featuring Bette Midler and Billy Crystal who play grandparents watching their grandkids while the uptight parents are out of town. Uplifting message about letting kids be kids. I liked this one a lot.

3). Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (PG). Imaginative, fun, cute.

4). We bought a Zoo. (PG). Sweet. Although, I can’t remember it very well. My son reminded me of this one. 

5). Million Dollar Arm (PG). Really touching. It’s about baseball via cricket. My son really liked it. And Jon Hamm is in it. Granted he plays a total ding dong that you want to throw something at for most of it. But the scenes filmed in India are interesting and beautiful and sparked a conversation about different cultures, religions and travel.

6). McFarland, USA (PG). Also sporty. A truly moving story.

7). Elf (PG) This one we have watched over and over again. In the summer or at Christmas for the 5th time in 3 days. It may be my favorite on the list.

Oldies but Goodies

8). Girls Just Want to Have Fun (PG).  Don’t hate me, I had to throw an 80’s movie into the mix. Omg I loved this one when I was little. It is about dance! And Sarah Jessica Parker is in it long before she became the Cosmo drinking, shoe obsessed Carrie Bradshaw. My husband won’t admit he likes it but I know he does.

9). Sound of Music. (G). I love this movie. It might take you a week to finish but it is so delightful. My husband will definitely disagree with me on this one. But he does like to remind me that it was his Nanny’s favorite movie. I agree with Nanny.

10). Wizard of Oz. (NR). Other than the tornado being a bit scary and the creepy flying monkeys, this is such a great movie for everyone. 

Enjoy! No matter what you watch and whether or not you all agree, at least you get to all hang out together on the couch and that is the very best thing of all!



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