Mommy Worry: A Battle To Overcome


Worry can easily take over our emotions to where we can’t even breathe at times. The what if’s take our thoughts over before we even know it. One worry takes over another and soon we try to remember ever being worry-free.

Been there?

Mom Worry

Being a mom, worry comes with territory. Will your child be safe at school? Will they get hurt playing sports? Will they be okay while at a friend’s party? And, as they get older, will they be safe driving a car? The list of things to worry about for your child are never ending. Worry is a daily occurrence.

Worry: Driving Action

For a special needs mom, worry intensifies to a whole new level. Our thoughts revolve around our child’s health. I have a battle with keeping my child germ free.  I ask everyone to wash hands or use sanitizer in an effort to keep germs away. I wash my hands so much they will become dry. In this case, my worry is directed into action by hand washing.

Worry: Fear Based

Then there is worry which is driven by fear. I found myself subconsciously feeding this type of worry. My son may need sedation for an upcoming medical test. I started to worry. My chest tightened and I held my breath. Fear gripped me thinking about what could go wrong. After all, my child will not be under my control where I can protect him.

Worry: An Antidote

Then it dawned on me. What if I thought about everything going right? I imagined my son being done with the test and having no issues or complications. A funny thing happened. I let out a deep breath. The stress of worry fell away and was replaced with peace. Really, could it be this easy? How can I keep this peace and banish the negative thoughts?

Ask For Help

Have you ever found yourself worrying, but you never tell anyone? Not even your spouse. Why? Is it the desire to handle everything on your own? Or, you’re simply too busy to share your dilemma. You’re just trying to make it through the day. If I tell a friend I’m struggling with worry, the load seems to get easier. I also ask for prayer. Just knowing my friend is praying gives me comfort.

Worry: Thoughts

Now you have shared your struggle with a friend. But they can’t be with you all the time. What do you do when worry comes into your thoughts and won’t let up? I try to remember to believe the best will happen.  Then, I remember a verse of comfort. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 NKJV For me, this keeps peace in my heart and pushes away worry. And as many times as worry assaults me, I have to battle back in these ways to help me overcome.

The Reality

Have you ever noticed what you worry about doesn’t end up coming true? So basically, all the worry is for nothing. It only adds stress and gray hair to your life. So why worry? Now, I am not saying I have won this battle. I struggle as do most moms I know. But, if we share our struggles and come alongside each other, it does get a bit easier. If you have tips to help other moms with this daily challenge, post your comments below. You never know how much your story will help others.

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