All I Want To Do at Nine Months Pregnant with Baby No. 2

newborn going home outfitAs much as I want to meet my daughter, I can’t help but want to hold on to these final days of pregnancy. Despite the discomfort of being nine months pregnant during late summer in Tampa Bay, I’ve been trying to keep baby girl as comfy cozy in my belly as possible.

Knowing this will most likely be our last baby and my last chance to experience the magic of life growing inside of me, I’m cherishing every kick in the ribs and every baby hiccup in my pelvis. I’m not even sweating the stretch marks, carpal tunnel syndrome and varicose veins too much.

While the anxious grandmothers have been praying for the baby to come early, I’m rooting for a full-term 40-week delivery.

And until then, all I want to do is:

  • Try to stop time. And hope I can keep the baby comfy in my belly for a bit longer.
  • Get out of the house. Soon, I’ll be cooped up with a newborn and an energetic preschooler. Until then, I’m trying to squeeze in as many date nights, girls’ nights and play dates with my three year old as possible.
  • Shop. The thought of taking a newborn and a preschooler to the grocery store has me stocking up on household essentials and buying everything in bulk. Not to mention that being pregnant with a girl this time around has made me want to splurge on baby clothes and accessories!
  • Clean and organize. The urge to nest is no joke, ladies.

mother-son dateMy first pregnancy was all about anticipation and anxiety as labor approached. I’ve found the second pregnancy much more laid back. I know I should be resting up to prepare for newborn care, but I’m just too motivated to check off as many items as possible on my pre-baby to-do list.

The Second Pregnancy Worry

Honestly, there is some anxiety hiding behind my mile-long to-do list. But this time my worry at nine months pregnant is not about labor or caring for a newborn. My anxiety is about how bringing a new baby into our family will affect my relationship with my son.

I worry about not being able to give him as much attention. Will I get too easily frustrated with him when I’m tired or stressed? Probably.

I worry that this baby sister he’s so excited about now will become someone he resents for stealing mommy and daddy’s attention away.

Of course, my husband and I will find ways to give him one-on-one time. We’ll do everything we can to make sure he feels loved. But I just can’t help but worry that he’ll have a hard time adjusting to having a sibling.

baby bump loveMaybe that’s why at nine months pregnant in ninety degree weather, I’m not anxious for this pregnancy to be over. I love how my son kisses my belly and tells his baby sister he loves her. I don’t want that affection to go away once the novelty of a new baby wears off.

How did your family adjust to having a second child? What do you wish you had done before the baby arrived?

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