Discovering Our Local Libraries

We are so fortunate in the Tampa Bay area to have amazing libraries. They are clean, well-stocked, and full of activities for you and your young ones to partake in. And best of all, libraries are for the most part FREE. Read on to discover all that our local libraries have to offer…

I know what you are thinking. Duh, mama, we all know libraries have books. But are you utilizing the plethora of reading and listening material they have on hand? I remember as a child, my mom would take my brother and I to the library bi-weekly as a reward for good behavior and we would get to check out a stack of books. Because of her enthusiasm toward the library and by creating that positive experience, it cultivated a love of reading that my brother and I both still have to this day. Supporting reading at home is extremely important as your child is in the early stages of learning and development. You can borrow up to FIFTY books at a time for a period of 21 days. There are also DVDs, audiobooks, CDs, and magazines available to check out. A library card is free, and you can sign up for one here.

Libraries have wonderful classes for both adults and children, and most of them are free and do not require registration. I have attended several classes over the past few years when I became a mom and was desperate for small activities to do outside of the home. We have so many libraries all over the county, so be sure to check out all of the facilities in your driving distance area. Some of my favorite classes I’ve attended are the “Baby and Me” classes and “Toddler Time,” but they also have classes like baby/toddler yoga, arts and crafts, science, and music.


Photo credit: Hillsborough County Public Library page

Special Events!
Besides classes, the library also hosts some great, free events. They have puppet shows, holiday celebrations, and even activities where children can read to therapy dogs. You can find the calendar with these events in same spot as the classes.
What have you discovered at our local libraries? Share with our readers!

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