Make the Hospital Less Scary with the UnMonsters App

Sponsored By: St. Joseph's Children's Hospital


As an adult, going to the hospital can be a scary experience. But imagine being a child who is unfamiliar with a hospital setting – all you see are large machines and equipment, rooms full of people you don’t know, and doctors walking everywhere in masks. Sounds even scarier, doesn’t it? To a child, those unfamiliar things and people might seem like monsters.

What if we could make the hospital a less scary experience for children and get rid of those “monsters”?

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is making that possible with the release of its new app, UnMonsters.

UnMonsters is a fun and unique game app that encourages players to wrangle four somewhat goofy monsters in St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. If you have toddlers to school-aged children, you’ll definitely want to download this app – whether your children have experienced a hospital visit before or not. It’s a win-win for you and your children. They will get to have fun playing an interactive game, clearing off the “UnMonsters” that stand in their way at the hospital, and you can feel better knowing that your children will be more familiar with and less fearful of the hospital.

So, how do you get the app? The UnMonsters app is easy to download and available for free through the App Store and Google Play.

How does the game work?

  • After the app is downloaded, your child gets to choose an avatar for his or her identity. Your child can select “boy” or “girl” and then pick a boy or girl avatar that he/she looks most like or likes best.
  • Once an avatar is selected, your child will be able to tap the screen to “enter” St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital through the lobby doors.
  • Once through the doors, your child gets to explore a room of his/her choice: the x-ray room, the exam room, or the lobby!
  • After  a room is selected, your child is off to clear out the UnMonsters moving quickly around the room! In order to “lasso” the UnMonsters of the same color, your child will circle his or her finger around the quick little guys! The more UnMonsters that are lassoed, the more points accumulated. Your child can also hold and drag the monsters to rearrange where they are. Oh, and don’t forget power ups! If your child is getting outrun too fast, he or she can pick up a “power up” to clear out those UnMonsters even faster!
  • Once really cool feature: In each round, your child gets a “bonus points” question that relates to health – so there are additional learning opportunities along the way!

Who are the UnMonsters?


jittersFast, shaky, and a little….(is that pizza?!)…distracted. Because of his small size, he prefers to move in groups. He feels safer that way. Jitters is the fastest non-flying UnMonster.


tizzyFeels awkward around everyone. Including himself. Tizzy will try to avoid anything that has to do with socializing. Don’t even ask us how we got him in the group picture. He will usually hang around some dark corner, minding his own business.


oozCurious, slimy slug. Multiplies out of boredom. This slug is going places, just… not very fast. Don’t leave him alone for too long, though…


Ready to try out this awesome new app from St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital? Download it today. It’s free! With the UnMonsters app, you and your child can feel better about a future or current hospital visit – and have fun, too! 


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