The Art of the App: Making Family Photos into Memorable Masterpieces

Like many of us, it seems like the day that I became a mother I also picked up a second job as family photographer. I got so into photography when my son was born that, I will admit, it became a slight obsession. I took photos of him to commemorate every month of his first year of life, every holiday, every milestone, and even the frequent non-momentous occasion. With the birth of my second son, my paparazzi inclinations only increased, although shooting two subjects is a lot more difficult than shooting one. I really enjoy this new role as “momtographer,” and even though I am in no way a professional, I have definitely perfected some skills with the discovery of some amazing and free photo apps. Here are my top three phone apps that have allowed me to turn my amateur family photos into memorable masterpieces.

Photoshop Mix

As I mentioned before, I am now a mother of two young boys. These boys bring so much joy and action to my life, but this can be very hard to capture perfectly on camera. When one is smiling, one is sneezing. When one is looking straight ahead, the other is in a somersault. Who knows? They are boys and they rarely stop moving. This is where Photoshop Mix has totally saved the day and my photo-taking sanity. I want the perfect shot with both boys looking at the camera and smiling. This app allows you to combine two or more photos so that one child’s smiling face can be in the same photo as your other child’s smiling face. Can you tell which face I cut and pasted in this photo below? Hint – it’s my tinier superhero. 🙂 It takes a little bit of practice, but you will be mixing photos in no time. Tip: Snap a few photos of the same moment so that you can replace faces with similar lighting – it helps big time. Although you can resize, it is way more difficult to try to change a face from a photo from a different time or setting.


This app is perfect for adding text and images to your already adorable photos. Want to identify what month or season it is? How about adding cute frames or holiday wishes? With pre-made templates or do-it-yourself options and free downloads, you can get your creativity on in endless ways. One thing to note: the photos that are created only come in square size, so if you are printing make sure you select the correct format. Tip: Local drug stores like Walgreens, where you can print photos, now have the option for printing your smart phone pics in square size.



This is my newest addiction when it comes to photo app editing. Prisma takes your photos and, with their various filters, you can turn them into beautiful artistic expressions. From watercolor to oil pastel, mosaic tiles, and various other fun mediums, it is so cool to transform your photos into what one might pay large amounts of money to have an artist create. Although I haven’t done this yet, I do plan on having some of my Prisma creations printed on canvas to decorate my home. Tip: you can get rid of the watermark in the bottom right corner by turning it off in the app settings.

I hope you enjoy these awesome photo apps! Keep capturing those beautiful memories, mamas!

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