Dear Son, I Will Stop Ruining Your Mornings


My little first grader, I cannot believe the amazing little person that you are becoming. After dropping you off at school this morning, I couldn’t help but notice your frowny face. I am sorry for ruining your second day of 1st grade with my nagging. You were not excited; you were upset because you felt that you had upset me. Even with that, you managed to put a beautiful smile on for me to take your picture. My baby, always willing to please and lighten up my day. I did it the first day of school, too, and regularly last school year, but today it will stop.

The most beautiful smile

The most beautiful smile

Today, I promise you that I will not tarnish your mornings ever again with my nagging. So what if you’re taking long to eat. Maybe I should have set the alarm 20 minutes earlier to accommodate for that. So what if you have to go potty right before walking out. So what if you forgot your lunchbox. So what if you spilled the juice. So what if you forgot your homework…

Growing up and going to school is a big task for you and I will not bring any negativity to your day. From now on, I will take precautions to avoid being in a rush and late for school. I will reward you for your cooperation and I will work with you when needed.

It is great to have you back in school, as I could no longer endure the guilt of having you at home with the sitter while I was at work. Calling to check on you, I felt like I should have been home with you creating amazing summer memories. On the weekends, I had to overcompensate. Always in a hurry to get you guys out of the house early and upset if we didn’t get to do all of our planned activities. During those times I missed the big picture. Even staying home watching movies or playing your favorite video game as a family would have made your day.



My Promise to You

My baby boy, you are 6 years old and you should not have those burdens on you at this young age. I am the adult here and not you. You should only worry about being your happy-go-lucky self and always having that beautiful smile on. Just like you said to daddy and I during our family walk a few weeks back,  “the meaning of life is to keep moving and be happy”. I will do everything in my power to help you in that path and not bring anything less than good vibes and positive energy.



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