Back to Homeschool

Going back to school reminds me of pencil boxes, lunch boxes, new teachers, and Trapper Keeper notebooks (yes, I’m a child of the 80s). However, back to school for my family means working at the dining room table with mom (or without mom) on various subjects throughout the day. You will often find my kids in their pajamas through lunch just because. You will see my daughter (the lark) working in the morning and my son playing video games, reading, or watching a movie. In the afternoon, you’ll see my son (the owl) working on his school while his sister reads, crafts, or plays video games.

My “back to school list” includes setting up any new curriculum and figuring out what our goals are for the new academic year. One of my son’s goals for this year is to get more proficient with cursive. He has dysgraphia and has found that cursive is a little easier for him than printing has proven to be. My daughter is fascinated by swimming creatures and is working on a zoology curriculum that has her building an ocean box. She is so excited because she gets to sculpt whales, dolphins and turtles out of clay (mom needs to add clay to the shopping list ASAP). My daughter says that back to school means more fun in science.

My kids are active in their church and in their scouting groups (BSA for him; AHG for her). Both kids dance in a performance ballet group and my son taps competitively. My daughter sings in the children’s choir and my son is learning to play the mandolin. They also participate in a local homeschool group’s STEM program. Socialization is not our problem; getting home often enough to let our aging dog out is.

However, just in case you are imagining that homeschool back to school is idyllic, my son informed me that back to school just means more opportunities for mom to annoy him. I suspect all I really have to do is breathe to annoy him at this stage.  Eleven is apparently going to be super fun. To his credit, he did ask me if I wanted him to be honest.

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