Was My Daughter Potty Trained in a Day?

My daughter is exactly 28 months and 9 days old. Where did the time go?

Today was the first day of school. This is her second year in school, and she went to school all summer so this was not a “boo hoo” morning for me. I was excited because she was moving to the older 2-year-old room. We took pictures and made the little “All About Me” chalkboard.

Yesterday, she got her hair done at a salon for the first time so this morning in looked the best it ever has. At the last minute, I ran to Target to get her a new outfit. She has over 20 dresses, but she doesn’t like dresses, so I wanted to get her something feminine that also matched her personal taste. She looked amazing this morning.

She got a big backpack that I filled with pull-ups, among other essentials. She moved to the younger two-year-old room at the beginning of the summer, so they did a little potty training with her but she didn’t always go and still wet the diaper. At home, we brought her a potty in April for her birthday and she has only peed in it once. While on vacation this summer, my aunt put her to bed one night and she peed for her but never for me. When I picked her up from school today they told me she went potty ALL DAY! I thought, “Great – she is getting the hang of it!”

Tonight, I am sitting on the bed twisting her hair and she stops me and says, “Mommy, I gotta go potty”. Now, she has said this before and it’s normally when her four-year-old brother is going potty. I decide to listen and I scoop her and take her to my bathroom and SHE GOES! Thirty minutes later, we are getting ready for bed and she goes again! This is magical!

Did my baby grow up today?

Are girls really more advanced than boys?

What do they do in the older two-year-old room?

Was my daughter potty trained in a day?

I don’t have any of the answers, but I am one happy mama today!

IMG_5466    IMG_5906

The photos above are from August 1st and August 10th. She seems like a whole new girl!

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