What To Expect When Daddy Goes on a Business Trip

Traveling dadWe recently had our first experience with daddy traveling on a business trip. I wasn’t sure what to expect when my three year old waited all night for daddy to come home from work to play, only to realize at bedtime that he wasn’t coming to kick the soccer ball after all.

Though it wasn’t easy, my son made it through the week-long business trip like a champ. But for all the mommas who aren’t sure how it will go for your family, here are five things you can probably expect:

A screaming, inconsolable child for at least a few minutes after daddy leaves. For us, it was a rough ride home from the airport. But once we got home, my son was quickly distracted by his toys and plans to see his cousin later that day. Looking back, having a special toy or treat in the car may have made things easier.

You’ll try to stick to your routine, but something will come along and wreck it. A tropical storm decided to roll through at the start of our week without daddy. Luckily, we got through it without a power outage or damage to our home, but it certainly had this momma a little worried.

If you have to work or go out, your childcare plans will probably fall through. Have a back-up plan. When I had a work appointment, I had to adjust my childcare plans due to tropical storm flooding. Thankfully, I’m blessed with a village of family nearby who jump to help me when I need something!

Your child will act out more than usual. There’s something about daddy being gone that makes my son push boundaries.Welcome Home Coloring for Daddy

Your child will miss daddy and you won’t be able to fix it. Use FaceTime to help but not too often. Daddy is busy and calling him every time your child cries may only make things worse. We kept FaceTime to a once-a-night call. For us, having daddy tuck Leo in via FaceTime made bedtime easier.

While it wasn’t an easy week and we hoped daddy wouldn’t have to travel again for awhile, we made it through. Getting to welcome him back home was a great ending to our long week. Absence makes the heart grow fonder for sure!

Does your spouse travel for work? How well does your family cope?

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