Why I Don’t Mind It When My Husband Travels

Why I Don't Mind That My Husband Travels

Let me start off by saying that I love my husband dearly. He is a great husband and father. He cares for me and the kids and is a very hard worker at home and at his job. We have been together for almost 18 years now and he is my heart and soul.

But I don’t mind it when he travels. When he is gone for a few days. He has a job that has him visiting one of his projects in another state a few times a month and he will be gone for just 2-3 days at a time once a week or every other week. He travels quite a bit, so sometimes I forget to ask his schedule and then before bed, he will say “Remember I am out of town tomorrow.” And while I will miss him, I do smile just a bit.

When my husband travels:

  • I can watch whatever I want on TV
  • I can sleep in the middle of the bed, avoiding those mattress divots and I can use whatever pillows I want
  • I can stay up late working and get a LOT done uninterrupted
  • I don’t have to “cook” dinner, the kids and I are totally fine on leftovers
  • I don’t have to wait til he gets home to have a glass of wine šŸ˜‰
  • If I’m lucky, one of my girl friends can come over with her kids – the kids play and we get to chat and have our wine without having “husband ears” around
  • I don’t feel bad if the couch is filled with laundry for an extra day
  • I can go to bed as early as I want, we are talking 9 pm – WOOHOO!
  • I get ME time
  • And finally, you all know the tale “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” well, I do hug him a bit tighter when he gets home, we cuddle a bit longer before drifting off to sleep, and we seem to appreciate our time a bit more.

So, while I love my husband, I really don’t mind when he travels. I don’t think that makes me a bad wife, just a real person.

Does your spouse travel? Do you mind it?

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2 Responses to Why I Don’t Mind It When My Husband Travels

  1. Kea June 17, 2016 at 6:11 pm #

    While my husband doesn’t travel for work, I do enjoy those nights when he has to DJ or have a night with the fellas. I can truly relate! Lol. Really enjoyed reading this.

    • tracyshaw June 17, 2016 at 6:52 pm #

      Thank you for reading. Glad you enjoyed šŸ™‚