10 Healthy Grab N’ Go Snacks

My baby loves to snack, more than me, which I thought was near impossible. Being a new mom and spending what seemed like hours in the baby food section, I never felt confident in my choices of snacks. Corn meal, milk, sugar, flour, to name a few ingredients I wasn’t comfortable with. All I wanted was something prepackaged (when I’m busy or lazy), healthy, something that wouldn’t spoil in a couple of days, and not be loaded with artificial ingredients and allergens; something I can throw in the bag and go.

Freeze dried fruits.

applesI’ve found a great selection of freeze dried fruits at Target and Trader Joe’s.

  1. Apples
  2. Bananas
  3. Mangos

These options have less sugar (none added) respectively and are less likely to stain when dropped, rubbed, or smashed into the couch.

Freeze dried veggies.

Harvest crisps all varietiesThese are substantially harder to find than fruits.

  1.    Snap peas
  2.    Lentil beans

These come in many flavors, including lightly salted, Caesar, onion thyme, tomato basil, and black pepper.

  1. Edamame
  2. Corn

Found at Target and may be best for toddlers, as they are slightly harder to chew.


Carrot crisps

  1. Carrots-chips
  2.  Sweet potatoes-chips

Both were found at Babies R’ Us and are in convenient, individual packages. I hate carrots and sweet potatoes, but these are delicious!




10. Kale chips

Found at Trader Joe’s and are lightly seasoned. These are easy for little hands to grab and eat.



Smart cookie

If you want to give a little treat, Target has a great selection of sweets and treats with veggies mixed in. As my little one is gobbling up his delicious treat, I can smirk inwardly at my deviousness. It works on me, as well. These are delicious!



We don’t have to surrender ourselves to the processed snack options. There are many other options other than what are listed here. It takes a bit of perseverance and dedication to find healthier snacks but it’s totally worth it in the end.

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