Police Wife: Love Behind the Badge



Dedicated to the men and women in blue

In honor of National Police Week, I wanted to dedicate this post to my husband, Alvin, who began his career with the Tampa Police Department 11 years ago.When we married almost 4 years ago, I did not understand what it meant to be a LEO (law enforcement officer) wife. Call outs, long days, hours without a phone call, or holidays alone – it’s an emotional adjustment that I don’t think I will ever be able to fully understand. As he embarks into his 12th year, I am reminded of the pressures he endures on the daily. The mental separation that has to happen once he arrives home, going from officer to dad mode- trying to erase the horrific scenes from his mind’s eye. I think of  the split second decisions he has to make, going into a home not knowing who or what’s inside- it’s frightening to know that he’s in there. In a blink he could be gone. It’s a somber yet brutally honest truth that I have to accept everyday he puts on that vest.

police wife

Courtesy of South Florida LEO Wives

As frightening as his job is to me, I have an overwhelmingly sense of pride when it comes to my husband and his career. To many he may just be a man who upkeeps the laws, but to me, he is my hero and he is a hero to our children. He does not make the laws, he simply tries his best to enforce them. It is an extremely challenging career, its not suited for everyone. It takes a special person to put on that badge everyday to protect our city and its constituents.

I think about him everyday, hoping and praying he is well and safe. I pray that the citizens of this great city will help keep him (and his brothers and sisters) in their thoughts as he goes out to walk the beat. He takes great pride in his city and the people who live in it. I am so grateful that although, he leaves our home and family, I know he is doing something greater- to protect and serve. My husband inspires me everyday through his strength and courage. I hope this week (and each day thereafter) we each take time to thank an officer for their service to our city.

THANK YOU to all the great men and women who protect and serve the greater Tampa Bay area!

police wife

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