Getting Over The Second Pregnancy Slump

Maybe it’s the combination of growing a baby while chasing a three-year-old. Maybe it has to do with the baby’s gender. Or just getting older. I’m not sure of the cause but my second pregnancy sure has been harder than the first.

As I reach the halfway mark with my second pregnancy, I can’t help but wonder why I’ve felt so different with this baby and what I can do to make this time memorable for more than just feeling sick.

blessed pregnancy

Problem-free first pregnancy

First Pregnancy

Three years ago with my son, I felt good through the whole nine months. I was blessed with no morning sickness, no major tiredness…I wore heels until probably month eight. I didn’t feel much different at all. Everything was new and exciting, magical even. Of course, I worried a lot about what to expect and preparing to bring a baby into our home. Anticipation was the hardest part.

Second Pregnancy

This time around, I’m no doubt excited about another baby but I know what to expect now and the magic has faded. And I’m busy with being a mom to a busy little boy and just feel exhausted all the time. I feel like sleeping all day, every day to rest up for the sleepless nights to come. I’ve had unending congestion, some acne, nose bleeds, bloating and cramps, occasional dizziness and more. One day I broke out in hives with no logical explanation of the cause.

I don’t write this to complain. This experience just makes me wonder about the causes of the differences in pregnancies. Of course, these uncomfortable feelings are certainly worth the end result of another child to love. I’m thankful that my baby is growing and seems perfectly healthy.

Getting Through It

Enjoying time with the first childIf you’re feeling like me and need some help to get over the second pregnancy slump, here are a few ideas to try to make the most of this time before baby No. 2 arrives and life gets more chaotic:

  1. Enjoy your first child. These are his or her last few months of having all your attention. Take your child to the children’s museum, zoo, or other places you may not want to take a newborn. Give your first baby some extra lovin’ and savor these moments.
  2. Sleep. Don’t feel guilty. Just think of all those 3 a.m. feedings to come.
  3. Remember the magic and privilege of growing another human. Did you know that your heart truly grows while you’re pregnant? Your heart organ works harder to keep up with increased blood volume.
  4. Document the experience in some way. Though you really don’t feel like being photographed right now, you’ll probably regret it later.
  5. Go on a babymoon, or at least a few date nights. We get so busy with our kids that we sometimes neglect our marriage. Make your relationship top priority to keep the spark alive.

So forget the messy house and snuggle up for nap time with your first born. This pregnancy will be over in a blink so try your best to live in the moment.

What differences have you experienced with your pregnancies?

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