Sorry Not Sorry… My Kids Are Loud

Sorry Not SorryMy kids are loud. Like, really loud.

I feel I’m constantly telling them to be quiet. Lower your voice. Shhhh. Lower it down. And each time I have to ask I feel myself getting ironically louder and slightly infuriated.

Sometimes we’re out and about in the car, sometimes we’re in a store or at church, other times we’re simply at home and I just can’t believe how loud their tiny little voices seem to echo throughout the walls of our home.

What causes them to be so loud? My family is Italian. I’d like to think they are predisposed to be loud. No… that can’t be it. I am teaching them and reminding them (constantly) to be quieter… so what’s the problem?

Sometimes I look at friend’s kids and think “why can’t mine act like that”? All quiet and behaving appropriately for the situation (or even worse – ALL The time)! But that’s typical mom chatter… cluttering our brains with the false expectation of how kids should be and leading us to think something is wrong with our kids or even worse – WE are doing something wrong.

Enough is enough. REPEAT. Enough is enough.

Yes, my kids are loud. Yes, I wish they’d lower their voices a notch too, but their volume is a symbol of many things.

It’s the two of them having fun. It’s their excitement to see Mommy or Daddy walk through the door. It’s their favorite song on the radio or Disney character on TV. It’s time for dinner as a family. It’s facetime with long-distance grandparents (even though we can’t hear the anything the first 5 minutes). It’s the doorbell ringing with a neighborhood friend asking to play. It’s being ready to head out the door for a game or a quick trip to the grocery store (aka “cookie store”) where they are greeted with a free cookie.

Yes, my kids are loud. Admittedly, I can be loud too… so maybe they did learn it from me. But I’m trying hard to teach them otherwise. At the end of the day, I know their loudness stems from the simple happiness of being a kid. Carefree and unapologetic. It’s something that is alive at this very moment and I cherish these days. I know one day that loudness will be gone… filled with after-school practices, sleepovers at a friend’s house, getting their driver’s license. One day the walls of my house will not echo with loud kids, but be very still and quiet. The sounds of them yelling and screaming as children just a memory of long ago.

So for now… I’m good with the loudness in my home. I’ll try to control them if I’m in public, but it’s not always possible. It’s a symbol of love, fun and happiness in my book! Enjoy these moments… they aren’t here to stay.

... and be Loud!

… and be Loud!


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