Come ride the Fresh Wave with us!

The moms of Tampa Bay Moms Blog were challenged to incorporate Fresh Wave products into their family’s every day life and not only did they rave about Fresh Wave’s ability to get rid of odors, but they also loved how the products are all-natural and chemical-free – a win/win!  It’s our hope that you, too, will find a place for Fresh Wave in your lives, so check out how each family used these all-natural, odor-eliminating products and come ride the Fresh Wave along with us!

Fresh Wave Full Product Set


20160329_151605Mom:  Nina

Family:  a husband & 4 children (an 11 year old soccer player, an 8 year old baseball player, a toddler and a 7 month old poop machine­)
Review:   I received my Fresh Wave package and immediately read the labels.  I was impressed to see that the only ingredients are essential plant based oils and water.  That’s it.  No harsh chemicals that I can’t pronounce.   I have a house full of boys, so I was all too excited to try the Fresh Wave products.  I must admit that I was particularly skeptical of the odor removing gel, so I put it to the test in the kids’ bathroom because it can be a scary and stinky place.  I noticed that, after a day or so, the “dainty, fresh” smell was gone and I was worried that it wasn’t going to work, but I also noticed that I no longer had that smelly sock odor or the dreaded pee smell (mom of boys, you know the one) that I so despise.  I picked up the tub of odor removing gel, shook it a little, and that dainty, clean scent was still there!  IT WAS AMAZING!  I also loved the odor removing packs, which I decided to place in our linen closet, my dresser drawers, and one in each of our vehicles.  I really like that the netted packs are so fresh, organic, and inconspicuous, making them easy to place in small places without added clutter.  I noticed that the packets I placed in our linen closet cleared out that old, musty nastiness that I had been trying to eliminate for years.   I don’t know why, but our towels never could hold that freshly washed smell even after multiple wash cycles.  I am happy to report that, after placing two packets in there a month ago, our linen closet has remained odor free.  I don’t think that our house has ever smelled so fresh and free of odors, so thank you Fresh Wave for allowing my family to test your products!



Jennifer2Mom:  Jennifer

Family:  a husband & 3 children (a 5 year old boy, a 3½ year old boy, and a sweet 6 month old baby girl)
Review:  I was really excited to try out the Fresh Wave products in our home, so I opened the box as soon as it arrived and immediately wanted to find the perfect place to use each of the products.  My boys are as active as most preschoolers can be and we live on a golf course, so they are constantly in and out of our home to play out back on “their” course.  My boys play t-ball, my husband is their coach, and I’m a personal trainer, so needless to say, there’s a lot of sweaty people coming thru this home… and then, there’s a sweet baby girl just learning to explore.  I feel like there are messes everywhere with a house full of semi-independent males and some messes, like spilled drinks and forgotten fruit, turn to stench very quickly, but the Fresh Wave products are doing their job!  I placed a tub of odor removing gel on the kitchen counter and it has muted any odors.  I placed two of the odor removing packs in my van, one up front and one in the trunk, and it actually smells REALLY GOOD in there now.  I think the odor removing spray is great for every room of the house.  My oldest child has a very sensitive nose and most smells are too intense for him, but this one doesn’t bother him and the smell is… well, a wave of freshness and it does not over-power the home.  I am very excited to have an all-natural product that works so well and one that I can use throughout the house, even in the baby’s room.  I will definitely be purchasing Fresh Wave products in the future!


Marjorie2Mom:  Marjorie

Family:  a husband & a 13 month old son
Review:  I consider myself to be a pretty natural mama, so I was really excited to try Fresh Wave’s products since they contain only natural ingredients.  I use as many natural products in my home as possible, including olive oil and vinegar for cleaning and coconut oil for moisturizing my little guy’s skin.  One product I couldn’t wait to try was the odor removing gel.  I placed one of the odor removing gel containers in the bathroom connected to my son’s nursery, since smells from the diaper pal and wet bag can sometimes linger in both rooms (we use a mix of cloth and disposable diapers).  Within a matter of days, both the bathroom and nursery smelled clean and fresh again!  I was one happy mama!  I love the scent of Fresh Wave – and it’s quite calming, too, which makes it perfect for a nursery.  MarjorieIn addition to using Fresh Wave in my home, I also take it with me on the go.  My husband and I are very active and enjoy going to the gym, but going anywhere with a toddler can be a process.  I usually have a gym and diaper bag packed ahead of time that I keep in my car, so I placed one of the small, odor removing packs in the pocket.  It quickly smelled nice and clean, even after being filled with stinky gym clothes and food-covered baby outfits!  I would definitely recommend Fresh Wave products to families with small children and to other active, busy families!

Mom: Amanda

Family:  a husband, a 2½ year old little boy, a lazy kitty & a cuddly bunnyFresh Wave - Amanda
Review:  I was so excited to try the Fresh Wave products because I’m always looking for ways to freshen up my home.  I’m a neat freak and tend to keep things pretty tidy, but it’s getting harder and harder to mask the pet odors.  I love our pets, I really do, but I despise having a litter box.  It’s dusty and our lazy cat constantly forgets to “cover,” so odors are always wafting in what’s supposed to be one of the freshest rooms of the house… the laundry room.  I knew it would be the perfect place for one of the odor removing gel containers, so it’s been sitting on top of the litter box for a few weeks now and I’ve been really happy with the results.  I was skeptical in the beginning because I didn’t smell roses and sunshine, but it was removing the negative odors from the air before they reached my nose.  I was so thrilled with the results that I put another container underneath the bunny coop and even though I have to clean it nearly every single day (she’s a prolific pooper), I can’t smell her before I see her beautiful face.  I have started using Fresh Wave products throughout the house, like using the little odor removing packs behind the toilets in our bathrooms and under the seats of our vehicles or spraying the odor removing spray on the sofa cushions for added freshness.  If you prefer a product that releases a flowery fragrance, then this probably isn’t for you, but if you would like an all-natural odor remover to treat unpleasant odors in your home, then I highly recommend that you invest in Fresh Wave!

Disclaimer: Tampa Bay Moms Blog partnered with Fresh Wave for this sponsored review, but it’s safe to say that we’re proud to endorse their company!

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