Why are there no diaper changing stations in the mens’ bathroom?!

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Do you ever find yourself getting a little annoyed with being the one to always take the kid to the bathroom for a diaper change? Always having to stop eating that hot juicy steak within minutes of it being served at your favorite restaurant?

While we were potty training, we decided to take a family trip to the brand new Bass Pro Shop. We wanted to browse and see what they had, just like a majority of the other shoppers. As soon as we made our way in, our son let it be known that he had pooped. Ugh…well, it’s a good thing he had pull ups on. So I looked at my husband and said, “Your turn!” He went in and came right back out. It was so fast, too fast to have changed a diaper. I looked at him and said, “Really? This place is new, they should have a diaper changing station.” I didn’t argue because I was so used to the denial of so many places not having diaper changing stations in the men’s restroom.

Once we were done, I knew my husband had either pulled one over on me or just didn’t check the large stall in the back. Maybe he wasn’t used to the fact the changing station was sometimes hidden in the handicap stall because he didn’t take our child as much as I had. I mean, come on, we know men…they don’t really look that hard for something especially if they don’t want to find it. They’re just larger versions of our toddlers.

I ended up asking a store employee if there was a changing station in the men’s restroom, and she assured me that there was in fact one there. After that, I started paying a little more attention to the places that had stations and the ones that didn’t. I knew that I would not be tricked again. Changing that poopy diaper is something that should be shared equally between mother and father.

In recent months, new dad, Ashton Kutcher, has been fighting the fight for equal rights of changing stations in men’s bathrooms. I say Yes! Yes! Yes! Please help us mothers out. We shouldn’t always be the ones who change the diapers while we are out in public. More importantly, what about Dads that just want to have a day out with their children, or what about the single fathers? Do they always have to resort to using their cars?

I came across a great website that us mothers can use to our advantage when out and about with the family. It’s called www.Dadswhochangediapers.com and it’s pretty awesome. You search your zip code and find surrounding businesses that have a changing station in the men’s bathroom. Some of these places even have feedback on whether or not you should ever use that changing station again.  Here are a few companies that allow your entire family to enjoy themselves:

The Florida Aquarium
Jason’s Deli, Fowler
Kohl’s, Brandon
Bed Bath and Beyond, Brandon
Trader Joes, S. Tampa
Tampa Convention Center
Stonewood Grill and Tavern, Brandon (great reviews)

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2 Responses to Why are there no diaper changing stations in the mens’ bathroom?!

  1. Tricia S
    Tricia S March 9, 2016 at 12:32 pm #

    Great read. Thankfully, we haven’t experienced much of this. The men’s room changing stations (according to my husband) are extremely clean… probably because they are used so infrequently! Great tip moms for having hubby to the dirty work: It’s cleaner (and quicker, you know there’s always a line) in the men’s room changing station. 😉

  2. Cory Bryson March 9, 2016 at 12:38 pm #

    Hahahahahahaha. Wonderful article honey! I may not have looked in the stall or I may have not wanted to change Tucks diaper…. You’ll never know!!! One thing you do know is that poop and boogers are my weakness. Thank you for stepping in every time. Keep on using our experiences as first time parents as it already seems to be helping others

    Love you, Cory

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