Do You Use Coconut Oil?

Do You Use Coconut Oil?

Do You Use Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is one of those products that seems to good to be true. It can be used for so many things and it is so good for you…can it be true? Well, coconut oil is a natural product that has been proven time and time again to be good for us. I have used it awhile for cooking, but did you know that it can also be used to remove your makeup? Did you know that the “good fats” in coconut oil can give you natural energy? Coconut Oil can be used for that and much more! In fact, I thought I would share my 10 favorite benefits/ways to use coconut oil. Be sure to share if you use Coconut Oil in the comments and your favorite ways to use it if you do!

  1. Use coconut oil instead of olive oil and butter when cooking

  2. Add coconut oil to your coffee for flavor and then use less sugar/creamer

  3. Add it to your smoothies

  4. You can use it as a natural anti-aging facial moisturizer! It can leave your face greasy, so I just use it around my

    eyes…Crows Feet beware!

  5. Rub directly on skin to help prevent stretch marks

  6. If you make your own lotions, soap, deodorant, etc., add in coconut oil!

  7. Use as a makeup remover

  8. Coconut Oil makes for a wonderful Massage and Shave Oil – it will leave your skin silky smooth

  9. You can rub coconut oil into dry hair, toss on a shower cap on and leave for several hours to get your hair silky smooth and soft

  10. Looking for an energy boost? Coconut Oil is an immediate source of energy

  11. With it’s high Lauric acid and MCFA content, Coconut Oil can help boost metabolism

Do you use coconut oil? Be sure to look for the Extra Virgin, ORGANIC varieties or the one that has been NATURALLY refined. You can find coconut oil at most stores as well as online.

Be sure to check out this Superfood Power Bar Recipe that uses coconut oil, it’s not only very tasty, but great for you and your family!

Superfood Power Bars and Uses for Coconut Oil

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