Real life and Fairy Tales, Not Just Happy endings…

Fairy tales

Fairy tales

We all love fairy tales and growing up, most of us wondered what our prince charming would be like and dreamed with the magical kiss and happy ending. Well… guess what? Fairy tales, just like real life are full of ups and downs, the only difference is that we got to see the fairy tale stop at a happy place.

I remember hearing many times before I got married “marriage is tough and is not a fairytale love story”. I never gave it much thought until recently. Hubby and I were discussing how some of these fairy tale stories dealt with some very tough situations that were dismissed in our innocent child brains.

Take the Beauty and the Beast (his favorite one), this one in particular is about a beast holding a woman against her will, who later falls in love with the beast and turns him into a prince. We can break each one of our favorite fairy tales down and we will find the same pattern; lots of adversity, pushing through and holding on for a happy ending. We grew up reading and watching these stories and we would cheer for the main characters and rejoice at the happy ending. So why do we go about life expecting everything to be smooth, even our very own relationships (marriage)? Real life is just like those same stories, there are circumstances that are less desirable than others, but if we push through we will arrive at our happy ending.

So the next time that you get caught up day dreaming about that perfect princess in your fairy tale, remember that there was a fight for that happy ending and that you are the main character in this novel. Next time you argue with your hubby and start to fantasize about that knight in shining armor, hug and kiss your beast because he might just turn into the prince. Mine did! 😉

Which one is your favorite fairy tale story and do you identify yourself/ life with them?



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