Why I’m Hooked on Babywearing

Out running errands while wearing my little one in my BOBA classic wrap.

Out running errands while wearing my little one in my BOBA classic wrap.

I love wearing my baby! Yes, you read that right. I love to WEAR my baby- just like an accessory.  I’m pretty new to this whole babywearing business but I am HOOKED! I thought I would always use my stroller to get my babies around, I mean, isn’t that what all moms did? When I became a mom of multiples, I knew I had to change up the way I traveled with children. Wearing your baby offers many benefits, not only for you but for your child as well. Babywearing offers convenience, aides in the physical development, and most importantly (at least for me) the bonding experience is like no other.

Choosing the Right One

I received my first baby carrier from a friend.  No, not a car seat but a Chicco baby carrier. I thought I was the coolest mom around until my neck and back began to ache. The bigger my children got the less I wanted to ‘carry’ them. Naturally, I began to carry them the old fashioned way, with my arms. I was that mom who cooked, cleaned, and did the laundry with a child on my hip while using the other hand for everything else. I loved the idea of wearing my baby but, why did it have to hurt so much? Then, I discovered the secret to babywearing is finding the right one. I mean- HELLO, just like finding the right pair of shoes a girls’ got to find the right carrier. I began asking around to all my mom friends, asking why they chose to babywear and what brand they used. There are SO many good brands that its hard to find just one, I mean you have Ergo, Boba and Tulas to name a few. I went with the Boba classic wrap as my very first. I have to tell you it was amazing the first time I put my baby in it.

Baby Bonding

My good friend, Ashlee wearing her little one in her ring sling

My good friend, Ashlee wearing her little one in her ring sling

Think about this- your baby comes from the womb- close to you, hearing your heart beating then it comes out into the world and BOOM separation anxiety. Baby no longer has this womb, this warmth and its stressful being out here in the real world. The closeness the wrap provides for me and my babies is paramount. My son, Jax is less likely to cry while snuggled against mom’s bosom.  If he does cry it takes two seconds to calm him to sleep. For those of us moms who nurse (like me) this is a phenomenal way to discreetly nurse. It takes some getting used to but I promise with practice it will get easier.

Better for Baby’s Physical Development

A couple of the physical aspects for carrying your child is through maintaining the ‘M’ position, where the knees are higher than the child’s bottom, supporting the spine. In addition, since your child is being supported upright, he/she will not suffer from what I call a ‘flat head’ usually caused while baby is lying on its back for a time. Yes, baby will have a nice round head, you’re welcome!


For me, the convenience of it all is being “hands-free”! Think about using both hands instead of one. Cutting down on sibling rivalry because you can attend to your older children. Cooking, cleaning made easy and you can truly multitask because now you can attend to your baby in an instant. Whereas before, I would need to put my baby down to help my toddler which often times leads to both children crying! No mom wants that!!

Tampa Bay offers many local resources for purchasing your very own style of carrier. Reruns 4 Little Ones in South Tampa also offers support groups for nursing and babywearing moms (how cool is that?) AND  if you’re looking for Tulas that’s your place to go! For those who live in the Brandon/Riverview area, I LOVE Lil’ Sprouts  they offer a variety of carriers among other high end mom necessities.


What’s your favorite reason to babywear? What brand(s) do you recommend?


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  1. Monica Torres February 2, 2016 at 8:55 am #

    Awesome article! The writer really explains all of the advantages of using this particular style of carrier. I will definitely recommend it to my future mommy-to-be’s.

  2. Angeline Martinez February 2, 2016 at 10:25 pm #

    Where were these when my girls were small! Well I can still use to carry my grandkids. Love the article, very informative.