Top 10 Holiday Photo Card Websites

cardsMy husband and I don’t fight often, but when we do, it’s over holiday cards. You see, he loves to get the mail before I do and open up cards from my friends (because his friends rarely send cards) and then read the poems, life moments and personalized notes. My problem isn’t so much with this, rather it’s the loss of letter, return address or filing with the bills that gets me. I LOVE a good card with family photos, BONUS points if it’s not your average design.

While I give kudos to Walgreens for spearheading the multi-million dollar holiday card frenzy, they don’t make the list. My picks for a worthy “get-to-the-mail” first race:

  1. Pinhole Press – Merry Christmas Collage – If you are going to take photos, you might as well show them! I love the vertical design and square (insta-style) photos.
    Merry Christmas Collage, photo via

    Merry Christmas Collage, credit:

  2. Artifact Uprising – “Here’s to the good that found you and the great that awaits.” I want to put this in a frame and hashtag it #wordstoliveby. What an amazing (and clean) way to say Happy New Year.
    Here's To The Good, photo via

    Here’s To The Good, credit:

  3. Paper Culture – Year In Review – Skip the additional printed family wrap-up this year, include it on the back of the card!
    Year In Review, photo via

    Year In Review, credit:

  4. Storkie – Recycled Photo Post Card – What’s not to love? Earth friendly, budget friendly and no stuffing involved.
    Recycled Photo Post Card, via

    Recycled Photo Post Card, credit:

  5. Mixbook – Colorblock Holiday Collage – Mixbook allows you to print on 130# (ultra thick) card stock making this site a winner in my book. 
    Colorblock Holiday Collage, photo via

    Colorblock Holiday Collage, credit:

  6. Peartree Greetings – Shining Stars Hanukkah Cards – The tri-fold layout and patterned background captures the essence of the season. 
    Shine, photo via

    Shining Stars, credit:

  7. ShutterflyMerry Sparkles – A traditional plaid compliments the ever so popular gold foil stamped Merry Christmas greeting.
    Merry Sparkles, photo via

    Merry Sparkles, credit:

  8. Minted – Cherry Merry Completely Custom Card – Truly one of my favorite sites because it showcases several artists and all of the cards have a unique look. This design includes your child’s artwork AND photos. 
    Cherry Merry Completely Custom Card, photo via

    Cherry Merry Completely Custom Card, credit:

  9. Tiny Prints – Enchanting Snowfall: White Glitter Holiday Cards – Rounded corners make me happy….so does glitter that doesn’t come off! P.S. card glitter is the new foil! 
    Enchanting Snowfall, photo via

    Enchanting Snowfall, credit:

  10. Etsy – Bean Press (Nailed It) – This card pairs great design and humor to get my vote. Even better, she’s a local designer.
    Christmas Cheer - Nailed It, photo via

    Christmas Cheer – Nailed It, credit:, photo credit: Sarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee, FL

    Remember to start with great photos (Family Photo Session Survival Guide) and never pay full price! Nearly all of the sites mentioned above will have a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Happy Carding!

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