Easy Candy Corn Mason Jar Craft

Candy Corn Mason Jar Craft

Even though we don’t get the typical Fall weather here in Florida, it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the fun Fall decor!  I made these adorable Candy Corn Mason Jars in just minutes, and I am not a crafty person!  Plus, they are very inexpensive to make! I actually made some for our house and all my neighbors!  They would even make a great teacher’s gift….

Are you ready to make some of your own?? Well, here we go!

What You Need to Make Your Candy Corn Mason Jars:

  • White, Orange and Yellow Spray Paint – I used Rust-Oleum Gloss Protective Enamel
  • Mason Jars – I grabbed a 12 pack at Target for under $9, but you can also grab them online

How You Make Your Candy Corn Mason Jars:

  • Head outside!  Spray paint tends to get a bit messy!
  • Spray the entire jar white – I actually put my hand inside the jar and sprayed it while holding it.  I did get some paint on my hands, but it easily comes off with Mineral Spirits – which you may have in your garage already!
  • Spray an orange line in the middle – it doesn’t have to be perfect, if it goes lower than you want it, the yellow spray paint will cover it.
  • Spray the bottom part of the jar yellow.
  • Allow to dry on a piece of cardboard *I will admit, I did not let the jar dry in-between spraying on each color, (I am a bit impatient) but if you are nervous, you can definitely let them sit for a few minutes before moving onto the next color.

Here are some pictures of how to make your Candy Corn Mason Jar:

Making Candy Corn Mason Jars

Making Candy Corn Mason Jars

Making Candy Corn Mason Jars

You can put flowers in these and use them like a vase like I did, or you can display them on your mantel, and you can even put lights that are tealights in them to get a fun glow.

Candy Corn Mason Jars

Looking for more ideas for DIY Fall Mason Jars?  Isn’t the mummy cute, too?!

Fall Mason Jar Crafts

Here’s another fun Halloween Craft –Halloween Milk Jug Pumpkins – It’s easy and the kids can help!

Halloween Milk Jug Pumpkin Craft

What is one of your favorite Fall and Halloween Crafts?


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