Plastic Pumpkin Makeover

For just a few dollars and afternoon of art, try this DIY pumpkin makeover! Halloween is now “out” in stores before Labor Day, so my kids constantly ask about buying and decorating a pumpkin. In Florida, we can’t carve until the weekend of for fear of rot, mold, etc. so it’s a LONG few weeks of strolling past the pumpkin bins. While I pondered purchasing a carvable fake, the price tag and missing out on the gooey feel of scraping seeds kept me holding out.

In the interim, here’s a cute idea to keep the kids occupied and an cheap way to coordinate with costumes.

Easy dollar bin shopping!

Easy dollar bin shopping!


  • $1 Pumpkin
  • $1 Wrapping Paper (The dollar bin stuff works great because it is so thin. However, it would be really fun to use Ninja or Mickey Mouse, Frozen, etc. wrapping paper to match a costume. Tissue paper works well also.)
  • $1 Mod Podge
  • Elastic or Shoestring Handle
Don't let the curing process "scare" you! It will look amazing!

Don’t let the curing process “scare” you! It will look amazing!

The rest, is so easy! Have your child help tear up wrapping paper. Smaller pieces work better. Cover your pumpkin with Podge, stick on the wrapping paper and Podge again over the top. In this case, you can never have enough Podge. If you run out, Elmer’s glue thinned with water works well, too. The final step is to cut off the plastic handle and use elastic, baker’s twine or a shoe string to finish off the look. Pumpkins take 24 hours to cure. Please, don’t put a real candle inside. This is for CANDY!


My daughter’s costume is bright so this will match perfectly!

Happy Halloween!

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